4 Parks and Rec Episodes That Will Help You Through The Semester

4 Parks and Rec Episodes That Will Help You Through The Semester

Season 3, Episode 8 “Camping”

In this episode Leslie Knope and the Parks department go camping to brainstorm ideas for Pawnee’s next big event.  Knope totally represents every college student at the end of the semester. She is sleep deprived, under immense pressure and spends more time stressing over tasks than making any real progress.  Although in the end with the help of Ron Swanson she realizes all she needed was some solid sleep. This episode reminds us that we can all be our Leslie Knope best if we get some decent sleep.

Also Tom’s Sky Mall Tent was everything I want in my life.


Season 4, Episode 16 “Sweet Sixteen”

Leslie Knope is trying to run for City Council, work at the Parks Department and throw her co-worker Jerry an amazing birthday party all at the same time. However, she finds running a campaign and working at the Parks Department is impossible. Not to mention Jerry’s party is a bit of a disaster. Consequently, Ron Swanson gives Leslie some sage advice and delivers my favorite quote from the entire series: “Never half-ass two things. Whole-Ass one thing.”   College students are notorious for multitasking. Many students are a part of multiple organizations, work part-time, have a million deadlines and on top of that are looking for internships.  This episode reminds us to pace ourselves and find that one thing that is most important to us and focus on it first.  

Season 2, Episode 16 “Galentine’s Day”

This is the episode that gave us the holiday we didn’t know we needed.  February 13—declared a day for women to celebrate being gal pals. It is also revolutionary because it is a Valentine’s episode that focuses on getting out of toxic relationships instead of rushing into new relationships. Leslie breaks up with her boyfriend, Justin, who seems perfect. In actuality, he is a selfish person who cares less about people’s happiness and more about having cool stories to tell at parties. We also learn some lost loves are better left in the past. Justin tries reuniting Leslie’s mother with her first love, only to discover he is unemployed and mentally unstable. April also breaks up with her cynical boyfriends who constantly mocked everyone and everything and were two major jerks. So, if that guy on Tinder ghosted you or you still haven’t found a boyfriend it may be for the best. This episode reminds us that we need to focus on our own needs which are not always found within a relationship.

Season 3, Episode 7 “Harvest Festival”

If Leslie Knope can survive the Harvest Festival, you can survive this semester! Leslie and her team are tasked with putting on the Harvest Festival, a huge citywide event that will determine the future of the Parks Department. At first everything is running smoothly until an alleged Native American curse is put on the Harvest Festival. Leslie then has to deal with the press hounding her about the curse. She also has to deal with mass power outage that leaves people stuck on a Ferris wheel. As well as a missing miniature horse named Lil’ Sebastian, who is the Festival’s main attraction. However, through it all Leslie pushes through insisting there is no curse and handles each problem like a boss.  In the end the Harvest Festival is a success and the Parks Department is saved. This episode shows no matter what life throws at you if you stay calm and focus on your goal you will come out on top.