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Movie Night

Have a movie night! It is the simplest way of feeling the season, whatever season that may be. Put some comfy PJ’s on, make some hot cocoa or a pumpkin spice latte, grab some blankets and turn on the TV and lowlights. I personally love Halloween movies, so I would opt for that. My go-tos are Beetlejuice or The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Dinner party

Dinner, or a night where you just cook and eat, is also a simple way to feel the season. Take it up notch and host a dinner party/potluck. Have guests bring fall-themed dishes for each course (drinks, dessert, meat, sides, etc.). Think sweet potato mash, honey glazed turkey or chicken, butternut squash soup. Whatever it is, make sure it’s filled with the fall flavors you know and love.


Last, but not least, decorate your space. You know what they say: “Look good, feel good!” Apply this to your living area. Whip out the chunky blankets, apple/cinnamon scented candles, the orangey, yellow, warm hues of the season. You don’t even need to go crazy with the spending, Dollar Tree, Ross, and Five Below tend to have some great affordable options that’ll help transform your space from summer to fall.

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