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Imagine you have scored a date for Valentine’s Day. You have your outfit picked out, the perfume you will wear, but to remain safe, you bought a tub of your favorite ice cream in case the night goes south. Your date asks you the hard-hitting question: Where do you want to go? Of course, you do not want someplace too boring or somewhere too loud and crazy. You want someplace fun and creative where you can get to know your potential significant other.

Lucky for you, some of the cutest date spots are right here in Tampa. These three creative date spots are pretty much guaranteed to get that second date.

The Potter’s House Studio 

If you’re looking for an artsy place to spend quality time with your date, look no further! The Potter’s House Studio is a “you-paint-it” ceramics studio conveniently located on Westshore Boulevard. At the studio, you can paint your own pieces of pottery that last a lifetime. You and your date can paint plates, cups, mugs, and more to exchange with each other. The two of you will be able to create a token for safekeeping and small treasure to remember your date. If you choose The Potter’s House Studio, you will leave wanting every date to come with a farewell gift.

The Saunders Planetarium

Let’s say the night of your date is cloudy and rainy, leaving you to think Mother Nature has it out for you. If you need a stunning spot for an indoor date that is not a movie theatre, think about going to the Saunders Planetarium at the Museum of Science and Industry. Lean back and watch a beautiful night sky simulator show dazzle you and your date. Guided by one of MOSI’s expert astronomers, you can both take a tour of our spectacular universe and explore the planets and stars without leaving your seats. You can gaze in awe at the space above us as well as the person you brought with you. Maybe your date will pull the yawn-and-put-the-arm-over-the-shoulder move!

Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art is my favorite place to go on a date or even just in general. It is quiet and engaging with astonishing pieces of art that will blow both you and your date away. With a wide variety of artworks, you will most likely find an exhibit that suits your taste. It is perfect if you are looking to dress up and do something a little more sophisticated. The museum is located in the heart of downtown Tampa, so afterward you could take a romantic stroll down the Riverwalk or grab a bite to eat at one of Tampa’s most popular restaurants.

I'm a senior at the University of South Florida currently studying Integrated Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Studio Art. I love Disney, Halloween, going to the movies, and all things fashion & beauty!
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