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12 Ways to Stay Focused When Working From Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

As a major procrastinator, it can get difficult for me to accomplish tasks on certain days.

I regret wasting my days and not being productive. With so much focus on entertainment and social media, all of my important tasks get pushed to the back, gathering dust with time. I do not always have the motivation or energy to approach and complete my tasks.

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With everything that is happening in the world, you might be stuck at home working, studying, or both. Here are some tips from my own experiences and resourceful online sources that help will help you stay productive.

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Stay away from your bed!

I love my bed, so I understand how easy it is to stay surrounded by comfortable bedding and pillows. I sometimes work on my bed, but my level of focus is nothing compared to working in a different setting, like a desk or table. When working at a desk or table, I complete more work at a quicker pace as compared to working in a bed.

Wear nice clothes. 

Pull out the cute top or dress that you have been saving for a good day or time out with friends. When you dress your best, your mind is more alert, and you feel energetic. I like to stay in my pajamas all day, but I know that the comfort of my soft pajamas will not help me concentrate on my work.

Keep a light snack with you.

When working or studying, I tend to find excuses to give myself breaks. I often find myself wasting time in the kitchen looking for food or wasting time in other ways. By picking out snacks beforehand and setting them near me, I do not feel any reason to leave my workspace to feed my hunger. I can simply reach over and snack while working at the same time. The same goes for drinks, so I usually fill my huge water bottle before I start my work to avoid leaving my workspace for refilling.

Organize your workspace.

Sometimes you need a change of space to help you concentrate on work. You can clean up the clutter on your desk, dust off the space, rearrange it and decorate the place to make it more appealing.

Do some spring cleaning. 

I have already mentioned that you can fix up your workspace, but you should also consider cleaning up your home or bedroom. With so much time spent on tasks and duties during the year, you probably have not dedicated enough time to deep cleaning your living space. By giving extra attention to your room or home, you will feel more motivated to work in a space that is clean and organized, instead of messy and cluttered. Plus, it feels so nice to sit and admire your sparkling clean home or room.

Listen to motivational soundtracks.

I personally feel more motivated while I listen to powerful soundtracks like the Avengers soundtrack or classical music. I do not like to work in complete silence because I will work at a slower pace if nothing is playing in the background.

Make your bed.

Once you wake up, make sure to fix up your bed and arrange your sheets, comforter and pillows in a presentable manner. With your bed set, you will feel less inclined to sink back into the sheets.

Write down your thoughts. 

Sometimes you want to share your thoughts, fears and dreams with someone, but in reality, you do not want to actually want to talk to someone. Write down your thoughts in a journal or diary. Writing can help you figure out your own solutions to problems, and you will feel lighter after putting your worries on paper. In general, writing is a stress reliever. With your thoughts on paper, you will not have them whizzing around in your head as much.

Take breaks.

Do not work without taking a break. If you have something due in an hour, complete it, but try to give yourself a few breaks if you can. For me, breaks are a few minutes to breathe and collect yourself, but not hours worth of time on your phone.

Plan out your day. 

Write down a schedule of tasks the night before or the morning of to help you focus and understand what needs to be completed right away. You are more likely to get your work done if you plan out your day with great detail. By writing your tasks, there is no room to accidentally slip into an unnecessary binge session or activity that takes away too much of your time.

Put down your phone. 

I know how easy it is to grab your phone and let the time slip by as you watch YouTube videos or stalk people on social media. I have used apps that block the usage of distracting apps for a certain period of time, which helps me complete my work. A lot of these apps require a password to unlock the app for use, so I suggest getting a family member or friend to set the password without telling you. If you are living alone, you can close your eyes and hit random numbers to set the password or just control the urge to unlock the apps if you do know the password.

Go to bed and wake up early. 

I love sleeping, but I am a true night owl.  If you go to bed early, you will be more likely to wake up early with energy. You will have more time in the day to finish all of your tasks and you will feel satisfied to know that you’re following such a healthy schedule.

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