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Which USC Stereotype Are You?

If we break it down, USC has six ~general~ stereotypes when it comes to our diverse student body population; whether that means you are a Division I athlete, an active member in Greek Life, an International Student from half-way across the globe or none of the above and you fall somewhere in between.


What do you eat for lunch?

  1. Amazebowls, duhhh

  2. Packed my own lunch this morning–Need to eat in between 18 units of class!

  3. Still building an appetite from last night’s munchies

  4. EVK—likely a random assortment of salad bar, pizza and cereal  

  5. Ramen Noodles from Fertitta Cafe

  6. Little Galen



What music is on your Spotify?

  1. “Closer” by The Chainsmokers

  2. A random instrumental playlist

  3. Chance the Rapper

  4. Various alternative indie tracks

  5. Pop music

  6. “Juju on That Beat” by Zay Hilfiggerrr & Zayion McCall


Where do you study?

  1. Coffee shops aka Verve

  2. Doheny

  3. My room

  4. The study room

  5. Leavey

  6. I don’t have time to study



What clubs are you involved in?

  1. Fashion Industry Association

  2. 3D Printing

  3. Not involved

  4. Too many to count on one hand

  5. Business Fraternity

  6. No time for extracurriculars


Describe your typical Sunday:

  1. Brunch

  2. Homework all day

  3. Chillin in someone’s apartment

  4. Exploring a cultural festival in Santa Monica

  5. Shabu Shabu in Little Tokyo

  6. Travelling back to USC


What do you spend money on?

  1. Revolve (#InviteSzn)

  2. Books

  3. Herbs

  4. USC paraphernalia

  5. Brand new BMW

  6. Nothing


How do you get to campus?

  1. Beach cruiser

  2. Walking

  3. Long board

  4. Walk/Scooter

  5. Lorenzo Bus

  6. Hover Board


Where do you workout?

  1. Equinox

  2. I only work out my brain

  3. Does sitting count?

  4. Lyon Centre

  5. Lorenzo rock climbing wall

  6. On the field




Mostly A’s… Sorority Girl

Mostly B’s… Academic

Mostly C’s… DGAF

Mostly D’s… GDI

Mostly E’s… International Student

Mostly F’s… Athlete

Just a Canadian girl trying to make in LA, major foodie and fashion fiend.
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