Weird Things You Do In College


1. Live in the same room as a complete stranger:

The dreaded random roommate survey...we’ve all been there. Unsure if your random roommate will become your best friend or your worst enemy, college is probably the only place you’ll move-in with a complete stranger who was assigned to you via an online survey.  


2. Live in the same room as, well, anyone:

For those of you lucky enough to have had your own room as a child, saddle up, the college double room will be a big change. For those of you who shared a room with your sibling as a child, can you believe you are still sharing a room as an adult?


3. Share a bathroom with 30+ people:

Communal bathrooms are never fun. They lack privacy and cleanliness. Showers are filled with hair, trashcans are always full, and the girl in room 5 just threw up in the sink - again. On the bright side, this is the only time in your life you’re not responsible for cleaning your bathroom.


4. Eat in a dining hall:

You frequent EVK for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Truly a blessing and a curse, as you don’t have to cook after the allnighter you just pulled, but you are constantly praying there will be something edible.


5.  Walk everywhere:

Unless you’re originally from a city, you’re probably used to driving to all of your destinations. Nonetheless, when you leave that car behind to go to college, it is the norm to walk to CVS, stroll to your friend’s apartment, and crawl to that 8am.


6. Bike to class:

We all know it’s been years since you last sat on that beach cruiser, but at USC, hundreds bike to class everyday.


7. Live where you attend class:

As a student, you live right next door to the building you have chemistry in. On-campus housing is the epitome of convenience, as you can roll out of bed 10 minutes before class. But it gets weird when you run into your professor after pregaming that fraternity register.


8. Party where you go to school:  

Speaking of that fraternity register, not only do you party on the row, but you party physically on campus. On game days, kegs fill McCarthy Quad and you drunkenly find your way into Leavey Library to use the restroom.


College is a weird place.