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USC Dorms Based on Which Fictional Characters Would Live There

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC chapter.

There’s plenty of articles out there detailing the different freshman dorms at USC. You’ll find New North described at the party dorm that’s never been cleaned in its 50-year existence, while McCarthy is for honors students, and so on. 

However, these only give you so much information. So we’ve compiled a totally academic, 100% researched, indisputable guide to the dorms. Which fictional characters would live in which USC dorm if they were freshmen in college.

New North

New North would be home to the entire cast of Gossip Girl (yes even Dan, because you know he needs that tea). The only exception is our queen Blair, who would live in…


Blair Waldorf would live amongst the “gifted” not because she’s so smart, but because they have AC and she’d find a way in. She’d room with Grey’s Anatomy’s Cristina Yang who definitely received a full ride after placing as a National Merit Scholar. 


Birnkrant can often be described as chill but social, home to down to earth residents. However, on the other end of the spectrum we have those that didn’t get into New North aka: Schmidt from New Girl, yes he’s definitely mad about it.

Parkside Arts and Humanities

Schmidt’s New Girl loft-mate Jessica Day would be a perfect addition to Parkside Arts and Humanities. She’d do crafts in the communal living space while her roommates sang showtunes and practiced their pirouettes.

Parkside IRC

Typically reserved for USC’s international students, Friends’ Phoebe Buffay would also call IRC home. Oh, and she’d definitely come out speaking 4 new languages. 


Off of the McCarthy Quad, the residents of this dorm style housing can be hard to describe, a mix of social and introverted, Pardee is home to all. However, there is one true defining factor. Inconspicuously hot guys. That’s exactly why you’d catch Beck Oliver from Nickelodeon’s Victorious living there, skateboard and all.


Another suite style with air conditioning, New Girl’s Coach would choose to live in Fluor due to its proximity to the gym and…the high number of (female) student athletes. 

Trojan Hall/Marks Tower

Lastly, the Trojan Hall Marks Tower complex would be home to yet another member of the New Girl gang, Nick Miller, simply because he didn’t fill out his housing form in time.

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Katie Muschalik is a film student at the University of Southern California. Everything she ever needed to know she learned from a Judy Blume book.