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Shelby Roberts: Extracurricular Extraordinaire

Name:  Shelby Roberts
Major(s):  Neuroscience
Minor(s):  Spanish
Hometown:  Laguna Beach, CA
Class year: 2013
Plans after graduation:  I plan to go to medical school after taking a year off

Why She’s a Campus Celebrity:  I’ve been a part of Global Medical Brigades since freshman year going to Honduras on three trips and being the fundraising coordinator my junior year. I’m in AED (the pre medical honor society), have been a part of it since sophmore year, and I’m now the secretary for my senior year. I’m also a part of Helenes, which I’ve been a part of since sophomore year: it’s the “hostesses of USC” organization of all girls. I also was involved with USC PLAY or Project Los Angeles Youth where we tutored kids from Nickerson Gardens in Watts and brought them to USC

Favorite class taken at SC:  My favorite class taken at SC was Human Physiology with Dr. Herrera, it was such an awesome class (it made me more of a nerd about everything because I loved it so much haha)

Best restaurant you’ve been to in LA:  Urth Caffe and Syrup!

How do you balance classes/extra curriculars/a social life?  It was definitely a difficult adjustment at first to balance everything, and it’s still a bit of a juggling act, but I love being a part of all of these organizations so it’s more fun than work.

Have you had any cool jobs/internships/study abroad experiences?  I haven’t studied abroad for a semester but I’ve been to Honduras three times for USC Global Medical Brigades and those trips have probably been my favorite experiences as part of USC. We would bring about 25 of us down to Honduras with doctors and travel by bus on dirt roads to have medical clinics in churches and school houses to provide medical care to small towns that usually have very minimal access to health care.

What’s your #1 piece of advice to freshmen girls?  Get as involved in as many different groups and fun activities as possible! College is the time to experience new things, find new interests, of course to get a good education, but also to have a lot of fun!

How much do you love Matt Barkley on a scale from 1-10? 11.2956768

How much do you love SC football on a scale from 1-10? I’d say 37

Mary Higgins is a junior at USC majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Psychology and Law. She's originally from North Carolina (and will always be a southern girl), but she can't get enough of the Southern California sunshine. She enjoys sweet tea with lemon, working on her first original research project in social neuroscience, Trojan Football, and watching videos of baby elephants.
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