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Midterms, essays, projects, oh my! Stress is a common issue on the USC campus, but our school has prided itself on having resources available for students to de-stress and live a healthy life. One of those many amazing resources is visiting stress dogs for students on campus once a week. What is better than sitting down and playing with puppies on USC’s beautiful campus? The answer is NOTHING. Other schools have stress dogs for finals week, but our school has them every week. If that isn’t another reason our school is the best school ever, I don’t know what is.


Thursdays in particular have become a popular day for one main reason, Pause for Paws. Every week, the nonprofit organization, Love on 4 Paws, sets up a tent with blankets and chairs. As you walk over to get a closer look, you are met with a big sign that says, “You deserve to stay paws-a-while.” It’s safe to say that this tent is always a big hit. The playful pups switch around every week, giving students the experience to meet and greet new dogs they had never seen before and sometimes even meet a few new faces.


Love on 4 Paws, is a non-profit organization that is made up mostly by volunteers who dedicate their time to helping those in need through animal assisted therapy. The organization began in 1997 and has about 100 volunteer groups and visits over 30,000 people annually. I can attest to the fact that hanging out with these dogs after a two-hour lecture and staying up late the night before to study can definitely relieve a little bit of stress. So, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by the tent yet this year, I’d like to introduce you to a couple of these adorable pups!




Rocko is a five-year-old yellow Labrador retriever who has two loving owners. In his free time, he enjoys hunting with his three brothers and family. After deciding that hunting wasn’t a full-time job, he underwent search and rescue training then joined forces with Love on 4 Paws. He is super social and loves to be around people but watch out, he eats everything in sight!




According to his owner, he’s a sweet piece of white chocolate. Hershey is a seven year-old golden Labrador retriever. He had a rough puppyhood and wasn’t a very good dog. He was going to be put to sleep by his owners, but was rescued by a veterinarian who trained him to be an obedient, loyal dog. Now he loves to be around people and help them feel better.




Charlie is a young King Charles cocker spaniel with fluffy brown ears, a white body, and a white circle around his black button nose. He loves hanging out with friends but loves naps a little more. He’s known to fall asleep on students’ laps if you pet him long enough. If he couldn’t get any cuter, he’s an aspiring Instagram star. Unfortunately, I didn’t get his Instagram name, but I will be looking for it feverishly and keep you all updated.


Pause for Paws is a program organized by the USC Office for Wellness and Health Promotion. The weekly event hops from spot to spot on campus. You can find them by the Lyon center, Leavey library, or even next to Starbucks. I highly recommend you head out to de-stress and see the cute dogs this Thursday!

Photo Credits, Lead Image: USC OWHP, https://www.facebook.com/uscowhp/photos/pcb.1240599729323901/1240599619323912/?type=3&theater


All dog pictures: Love on 4 Paws, http://www.loveon4paws.org/volunteersMeet.asp


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