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Miss Golden Globes: Corinne Foxx

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC chapter.

Meet campus celeb Corinne Foxx, this year’s Miss Golden Globes and fourth year USC student from Los Angeles, California! Corinne is currently studying public relations and is an active member of her sorority, Pi Beta Phi. Recently she took some time from her busy schedule to tell us a little bit about herself and her experiences at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards!

The Basics:

Year- Senior, class of 2016!

Major- Public Relations

Hometown- Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Color– Turquoise

Favorite Restaurant- Nobu

Guilty Pleasure- Definitely watching Scream Queens, it’s ridiculous but hilarious!

HC USC: What’s your favorite memory at USC?

Corinne Foxx: Going to San Fran for the weekender!

HC USC: Do you have a favorite song at the moment?

CF: “Roses” by The Chainsmokers!

HC USC: What are your future plans/aspirations?

CF: Start pursuing acting after graduation and write a book one day.

HC USC: How were you chosen for Miss Golden Globes and what does the title entail?

CF: I found out that I was Miss Golden Globe in October. I actually had no clue that my name was in the mix to be Miss Golden Globe. Usually, there is an application process. For whatever reason, they decided to ask if I wanted to do it – of course, I said yes! I couldn’t tell anyone for like 3 weeks though. It was a big secret to keep and I kept avoiding all my friends so I wouldn’t spill it.

HC USC: What was the process like of preparing for the actual event?

CF: After it was announced, I had to attend a bunch of events, leading up to the Golden Globes. We had the Miss Golden Globe announcement party, the Golden Globe nomination announcements, the red carpet rollout and the blogger luncheon. I had to meet with my stylist multiple times to prepare for my dress too. I was super picky about my dress and tried on about 50, before I found the perfect one.

HC USC: What was your favorite memory of the night/process?

CF: On the night of, one of my favorite memories was looking out at the crowd and some of the most important people in Hollywood in one room. I had the best view in the house and I do not think that I will ever forget it. I had Brad Pitt on my left and Channing Tatum on my right. It was wild!

HC USC: Coolest celebrity you met?

CF: The coolest celebrity I met was probably Jennifer Lawrence. She ran off stage after she won her award and was freaking out. She was so nervous and kept asking me if her speech was okay. It was so cute and genuine!

HC USC: What does being Miss Golden Globes mean to you?

CF: Being Miss Golden Globe was an incredible honor for me. I had millions of young girls watching me and I aimed to be a role model to them. In every interview, I made sure to talk about my education and how beneficial it was to me. Hopefully, some girl somewhere heard me and now wants to go to college too!

HC USC: Has it impacted your everyday life in any way?

CF: Being Miss Golden Globe hasn’t really affected my everyday life that much. I’ve been noticed a few times since then and it’s been fun meeting people and taking pictures with them.

Cassi is from San Jose, California and is currently studying Spanish at USC. In her free time she enjoys dancing, traveling, acai bowls, and G-Eazy. On campus, she is involved in her sorority, Pi Beta Phi. Follow her on Instagram @cassironquillo and Twitter @cassironquill0 !!
Hey there! My name is Katherine Lee, but I go by Moi- a childhood nickname that has stuck throughout my entire life.  I am originally from the Bay Area and now I'm student at the Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism at USC.  The one thing I love more than hitting the gym is hitting every good restaurant wherever I am.  A foodie and a gym rat makes me quite a contradictory person, but I hey- I just like to keep things interesting!