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Seems like we’re in an alternate reality, so here are some alternative views:

  • Before the pandemic, there was another kind of disease spreading around college campuses: hookup culture. 
  • Before the pandemic, there was the freedom to safely love whoever you choose (including yourself). 
  • Growing closer with your person during quarantine, relationships thriving like the virus despite the tests along the way.
  • Too much constant closeness and not enough healthy outlets, so there were breakups. Before there were new strains, relationships were already strained.
  • Finding that a person can feel like home.
  • Finding yourself the host for the genetic information of their viral negativity. 
  • Domestic abuse increased with the case counts. 
  • Quarantining all alone, loneliness and mental illness.
  • FaceTime dating means I already know your politics, your social distancing practices, and that we can hold a conversation before you get to hold my hand for the first time (committed before committing).
  • Walking and sharing words while wearing masks, thinking about hidden lips so kissable. 
  • Seeing a random guy means putting my entire household at risk, guess it’s just another side effect of hookup culture. 
  • Defining boundaries and expectations for social distancing leads to more communication in the relationship.
  • At least there is testing even if there is no preventing. 
  • Taking the time to get to know someone is worthwhile. 
  • I hope this pandemic comes to an end in a short while.
  • Will we reach the promised New Normal?
  • Or just go back what we thought of as normal.
Alana MacMahon is junior at USC. She is majoring in environmental engineering and minoring in entrepreneurship and loves to write in her free time. Some of her other hobbies include playing the flute and soccer.
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