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Eating Your Way Through the USC Trojan Plan, One Dining Dollar at a Time.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC chapter.


Let’s face it, Trojan Plan was the only way to go second semester. If you didn’t upgrade, I am sincerely sorry if you find yourself reading this mid bite at EVK. So tragic! But still, as a Trojan Planner myself, I cannot help but gag at the thought of eating another Southwestern salad at Seeds. Hopefully this guide will keep your tummy full and your bank account in check, because we all know the weekly Postmates to Kazu Nori need to stop ASAP.


1.   Law Café, Salmon Bowls: What is the Law Café you might ask? It’s the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Locate this hidden gem and order yourself the salmon bowl. With seaweed and avocado, this meal is literally life changing. Not in the mood for fish? No problem: substitute it for chicken. Working hard on that Coachella bod? Ask for brown rice instead.

2.   Seeds, #2 Panini: A classic, of course, but it never ceases to get old.

3.   Café 84, Poke Bowls: For everyone who refuses to go to the dining halls because of the $12 charge, I would like to remind you that a) your Seed’s salad with the two extra premium add-ons (you couldn’t help but add avocado, could you?) costs just as much and b) no one ever runs out of dining dollars. Get your butt over to 84 for poke; seriously it is so worth it.  

4.   Lemonade, Grilled Cheese: Don’t let El Niño’s rain get you down! Opt for comfort food with a delicious grilled cheese and don’t forget the tomato soup for dipping purposes. Currently dreaming of this right now.   

5.   Little Galen, Lunch: Hang out with the athletes (and likely 200 Dental students) from 12-2pm and order yourself the chicken fingers and fries. Piece of advice, extra ranch will be necessary. They also serve handcrafted sandwiches, special hot entrées and have a salad bar.

6.   Nékter, Tropical Cooler: Stay healthy and start your morning off right with this ultimate smoothie. Get your daily serving of greens with a purée of spinach and kale. So yum!




7.   Verde, Burrito Bowls: As hard as they try, Verde will never be Chipotle. I repeat, never. But keep your order the same and just know that with every bite you saved yourself a whooping $9. It helps, I swear.

8.   Seeds, Crepes: Yes, this is totally a thing! Treat yourself at any point in the day: you always deserve Nutella.

9.   Lemonade, Chocolate Chip Cookie: These are SO important! If you haven’t had one before, warning: every time you check out at Lemonade you will catch yourself asking for one. Been there, done that one too many times.  

10. The Café ft. Illy, Coffee: At this point in the semester, kudos to you if you can still stomach the thought of Starbucks. Mix it up and Tapingo yourself an iced-brew from The Café in Annenberg. While you’re at it, throw in a macaroon. Not quite Bottega status, but it will just have to do.



11. Literatea, Tea and Pastries: Once again, avoiding Tro Gro at all cost, this cute little coffee shop tucked away in Doheny serves a variety of loose-leaf teas to get your day going. My personal fave: iced black tea with soy milk. Didn’t have to time to grab breakfast before your 9:00 AM Taper lecture? Be sure to grab the egg white and spinach breakfast sandwich on your way out. Bonus: the line is always so short.


So while we are still a little bitter that we cannot use our dining dollars at Morton Fig, I hope this ultimate food guide will get you through until the end of the semester. Swipe away Trojans!



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Hey there! My name is Katherine Lee, but I go by Moi- a childhood nickname that has stuck throughout my entire life.  I am originally from the Bay Area and now I'm student at the Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism at USC.  The one thing I love more than hitting the gym is hitting every good restaurant wherever I am.  A foodie and a gym rat makes me quite a contradictory person, but I hey- I just like to keep things interesting!