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Your Guide to College Student Etiquette

College is a world we cluelessly enter as freshmen with no realistic idea of what to expect. Four short years later, graduation rolls around, and you are forced to leave the world you’ve come to love more than anything. Luckily, within that time, we get to enjoy the great things college life has to offer, like choosing our schedules, sleeping in, going out on week nights, and eating crap food. Unfortunately, many college students take advantage of their freedom and walk around doing whatever they please. Before you become that guy on campus, who just doesn’t know the student to student etiquette at college, read this.


1. Don’t talk so loud in the morning.

2. Don’t brag about how drunk you got the night or weekend before.

3. Hold the door for each other.

4. And say thank you when someone holds it for you…

For the love of god, it’s basic manners!

6. Don’t walk around like you own the place.

7. Don’t be the PDA couple…

This isn’t the halls of your high school anymore.

8. Don’t be this girl at the party:

9. Don’t eat or drink in class unless you are as quiet as a mouse.

10. Don’t park like an a$$hole.

11. Put your phone on silent in class.

Vibrate is still annoying af.

12. Don’t take forever in the bathroom.

Quit waiting for everyone to leave to go, especially between classes. 

13. Don’t cut the line at the dining hall.

 14. Watch where you’re walking. Seriously.

15. Actually be quiet if you are sitting on the quiet floor of the library.

There’s a social floor for a reason.

16. Don’t take someone else’s seat in class.

So the teacher doesn’t actually assign seats, but after about the 3rd day we all have “our seats”. Don’t sit in mine.


Follow these suggestions and you won’t end up that guy or girl on campus.


I'm a sophomore business major at URI. I'm from River Edge, New Jersey. I find joy in surrounding myself with my favorite people and making the best out of every situation. But i also find joy in eating food and laying in my bed.
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