What Quarantine Outfit You Should Wear Based on Your Enneagram Number

Curious about what to wear during quarantine? 

  1. 1. A Matching Sweatsuit

    One's are very concerned with playing by the rules so you won't even run into them at the grocery store! But they will be at home getting all their work done in a matching sweatsuit because what else is there to do?! This outfit is the perfect mix of comfort and organization for a hardworking One. 

  2. 2. Whatever Is Clean

    Two's will wear whatever is clean because they are too busy helping others to do laundry! Usually, this will include a big t-shirt with some leggings to allow for maximum movement for all the games they'll be playing with their siblings! Not to mention, it won't be the end of the world when they get cake batter on that old t-shirt. 

  3. 3. Something Put Together

    It doesn’t matter that we’re in quarantine, Three’s are ambitious and poised so you bet you’ll find them dressing business casual (emphasis on the business). Don't be surprised to see them in a blazer on your Zoom calls!

  4. 4. Something Flowy

    Four's can be described as romantic and reserved, so a flowy dress is a perfect outfit for them. Without being too revealing, a flowy dress gives off vintage romance movie vibes that will make them feel like they're in The Notebook.

  5. 5. Anything Activewear

    a woman kneeling on a yoga mat

    Five's are curious but like their independence so activewear is the perfect thing for them to wear on their long walks and hikes! Plus they can keep it on while searching the web for some sort of intellectual activity for the day.

  6. 6. A Robe

    Six's can be a bit indecisive, so after almost an hour of trying on outfits and not knowing what to pick they end up just putting their robe back on. Not to mention they seek out warmth in others so a robe is perfect while in isolation! 

  7. 7. Something Playful

    white booties v day

    With Seven's you just never really know what type of outfit they're are going to wear. They're always up for an adventure which is why they should wear something playful; maybe with a bold color while they're stuck at home. There's no way you won't see them coming from a mile away, which is perfect for social distancing!

  8. 8. Coordinated PJ's

    Eight's will join in on the comfort of quarantine clothing but not without putting their own touch on it. Confident and assertive, Eight's aren't going to lounge around in just anything. They want something that shows who's boss and what says that more than matching black and white PJs.

  9. 9. The Furriest Thing You Can Find

    Anna Schultz-Girl In Braids Taking A Selfie

    Nine's are supporting and trusting so it just makes sense for them to wear something that feels like a warm hug. But there is no way they would ever wear real fur due to their loving peaceful mindset so faux fur is the way to go! Now they can enjoy their day in a warm embrace (of fabric). 

Now it's time to go through your closet and find the perfect look for you! Happy shopping!