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Anna Schultz-Girl And Guy Couple Laughing With Milkshakes
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What ‘The Hot RA’ Thinks About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

Yes, They Know You Like Them

You’re probably aware that hot RAs have ears and can hear you gossiping about them to your friends. Sometimes, you even try acting flirty to get their attention. Let me just say that those kinds of things are hard to miss, especially when you’re so obvious. Even if the hot RA didn’t notice these things, the female RAs would definitely let them know about your attraction towards them. This hot RA usually has many residents drooling over him and he knows it. After all, if you think he’s hot, others must see it too!

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It Doesn’t Bother Them At All

They know how you feel about them, but they usually don’t mind it at all. I’ve seen residents sitting next to the hot RA for no reason whatsoever. The hot RA lets them sit and even talks with them sometimes. They won’t flirt back and might even be doing something else while you’re there, but they usually let you be. They won’t get angry at you, call you out, or even complain about you to the other RAs. To them, you are the resident who they work for, so they are usually respectful towards you.


Don’t Go Overboard

If they respect you, you should also respect them. I’ve seen residents do some bizarre things, like taking pictures of the hot RA from the bulletin board. The RAs worked really hard to make those, so when you do things like that it’s really discouraging, not to mention kind of creepy. That really does make them upset. Even if they don’t act any differently, going overboard is just low and not very respectful.


Will They Date You?

Probably not. Let’s just say you have a better chance at finding Brad Pitt eating breakfast at the dining hall and enjoying it. Okay maybe not, but the way that their job works make it really hard for them to date the people they are working for. It just seems inappropriate so most people don’t even think about it. As long as you live in the dorm that they work at, hot RAs won’t think about you that way, at least not most of them. They’ll always be at your service but there are limitations…Maybe next year!


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