Watch HBO's Euphoria or Else

If you haven't heard of the show Euphoria, then you need to stop reading this and go watch it. HBO released this 8 segment drama series in mid-June and when I tell you it is the greatest thing I have ever witnessed, I’m not lying. I’m very particular about the shows I watch, especially soapy dramas which I tend to avoid. However, Sam Levinson, the show's creator does an absolutely astonishing job at portraying the life of Rue. Rue, played by Zendaya, battles drug addiction, town scandals, friendships, and sexuality.

Besides the actual portrayal of these storylines, I began to think about the facts of the plot itself. The plot twists, continuous struggles, and the “can never catch a break” characters reminded me of nonetheless the infamous teen drama Degrassi. I got sucked into the Degrassi universe during my early teen years, where every episode threw another curveball, and the worst of the worst kept occurring to these poor characters, much like Euphoria. But then I did some research and found out something crazy. The executive producer of Euphoria is, wait for it, Drake. Yes, Drake. And if you didn’t know, Drake made his first debut into the Hollywood industry by starring as Jimmy in, you guessed it, Degrassi. As a team, Levinson and Drake were able to turn these “Degrassi-Esque” storylines into ones that you the viewer could actually relate to. Not that you’re sleeping with the captain of the football team's dad who also happens to be the father of a closeted gay who's dating the most popular girl in school who continuously gets physically assaulted by her man because he has issues. But, you get it. It’s the type of show that makes you go “Haha TRUE!”. It doesn’t feel like Zendaya is pretending to be a teenage drug addict but more so that she is literally 17 or 18 and is struggling with all this sh*t and we’re just watching her throw her life away.

And on another note, in the season finale (I refuse to say series because I need more of it), the show debuts Zendaya’s new song “All For Us” featuring Labrinth, which puts me in all the feels. It makes me want to cry, laugh, do drugs, have sex, and murder someone all while feeling like I’m literally in the show. (I’m being dramatic I’m not doing any of that stuff, relax). Labrinth is also a featured band in most of the soundtrack throughout the entire series, including the infamous theme song “Feel Something”. It has no words and is also on ZERO music platforms but if you look it up on YouTube, trust me it’s worth it. Euphoria has me so shambled in the best way possible and I really just need you all to go onto HBOGo right now. This isn’t me trying to convince you to watch it, it’s me ordering you to. Sorry to be so aggressive, but you’ll understand why I’m so ridiculously passionate about a show after you watch just the first episode. Alright, talk to you later I’m just about to finish watching the season for the seventh time already.