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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

I am actually an absolute morning person. I wake up at 5 a.m. pretty much every day of the week, except maybe some weekends. Waking up earlier has given me a more productive and mindful day, allowing me to have a more positive mindset. Here are some tips and pointers that are a part of my morning routine.


The Night Before

One item I check off my list at night is cleaning. This doesn’t have to be a deep clean, but when I wake up, I want to wake up in an environment that is relatively organized. Being clean and having an organized space is so therapeutic to me, it has even become an anti-stressor for me at times. When everything is in its place, I have a little more motivation to wake up because it is one less responsibility to do for the day.

My next tip is to plan and organize your day in your planner, or even on a small sheet of paper. I like to write out all of my classes and planned events I have for the day so that I can see what time blocks I have free to study, eat, exercise, or relax. This helps me fall asleep easier because I already know what I have planned, allowing my mind to rest easy, and be free of clutter. 


Getting Up

In the past, I used to be that person to set six alarms five minutes apart from each other, but I’ve learned that it is actually more effective to only set two. The first one indicates when I should get up, and the second is a “just-in-case” alarm. I try to set my phone ringer on the higher noise level, and then place it a little further along on my desk/nightstand so that I have to reach for it to turn it off. Actually having to get up to turn off your alarm will trigger your mind and body to activate, therefore waking you up more efficiently. One thing I love to do when I first wake up is to look outside my window and see what the weather is (maybe it’s windy or sunny or rainy). I also really enjoy just listening to the sounds that exist in nature because we may not be able to hear these sounds during the day with so many people around.

The next thing I do is go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. Then, I come back to my room and chug water from my water bottle. I recommend drinking a lot of water throughout the day, I personally aim to finish my 40 oz Hydro Flask before I start making my coffee. Personally, drinking water helps to wake up my groggy mind and allows my brain to be functional and perform at its best.

Morning Of

One part I love about my morning routine is being able to smell freshly brewed coffee (if you don’t like coffee, make tea!). This is one simple joy I look forward to when waking up early because not only do I like the smell, but I like the taste. After making my coffee, I light my candle, turn on my string lights, and play morning music for studying and concentration. I like to get some work done in the mornings, whether that’s taking notes or doing a part of my homework. I specifically make it a goal to accomplish at least one assignment within the hour before getting dressed or doing anything else. For me, accomplishing something allows me to have a productive morning and mindset. This could be as simple as making your bed or going outside for a five-minute walk. Start your day by being as productive as you can. Translation: Don’t wake up and go on social media because that will not be a great way to start your day. Start your day out with a happy mindset!

It may be tricky at first, but remember that it does get easier as you practice the routine more and more. When I first started waking up early, I did it because I wanted to sleep earlier and I found that I enjoyed the time to myself when no one was awake to disturb me. I try to not touch my phone until around 7 a.m. when I am starting to get dressed and ready to go to my daily 8 a.m classes. Waking up early has made me more productive and I love having a routine that allows me to do my own thing before everyone else wakes up. It might be a little hard at first, but don’t beat yourself up over it. It is all up to you and everyone will have a different daily routine. If this is something you want to try, I hope it works out and I hope that you are able to accomplish your goals!

Amanda Lin is from Seattle, WA and is a Doctor of Pharmacy major at the University of Rhode Island! She is passionate about health, fashion, and food. Check out her webpage (amandanlin.com), and connect with her through Instagram at @amandanlin and @nomnomwithalin!