Theory of Courage

I did not realize what I had been searching for my whole life was a theory. This theory is one of breaking through my comfort zones to allow for expansion of myself. This theory is called Yes Theory. During the time I needed its message most, a YouTube group called Yes Theory found its way into my YouTube feed, and ultimately, into my life. 

Thomas, Matt, Ammar, and Derin formed the group with the intention of leaving behind the lives they considered to be mundane. They dropped everything to form the lives they yearned for. Living on a friend’s couch for months, they put in the inspirational hard work and dedication necessary to make their project a success. As a junior in high school at the time of finding the group, I felt like I found a home within their YouTube channel. They were taking the risks I wished to take, they were meeting people I wished to meet, and most of all, they were living the lives they created for themselves. They did not get stuck into expectations that society placed upon them, and they made their goals reality. I often fear that I will not be brave enough to abandon expectations- that I will succumb to the safe route in life. They have taught me this does not have to be the case. 

They now have over 4 million subscribers, have traveled the world, and have spread light into the lives of so many people. Because of them, I have learned to embrace fear, not run from it. I seek discomfort every day, and because of it, I have met some of my closest friends, experienced what even I could never have imagined, and I have pushed myself to be who I want to be. I have embraced both my successes and failures in order to grow from them. Yes Theory has taught me that often what is scarier than fear itself, is the fact that it can hold me back. 

I highly encourage you to look into Yes Theory, and do not just watch the videos and read Matt’s incredible blog posts; truly delve into the content. Understand what it means to seek discomfort. Do not allow yourself to settle for anything less than greatness. I realize now that with risk comes reward. Four guys with a dream have truly changed my life, and I am so grateful for their decision to defy what most think to be possible. Without them, I do not want to imagine where I would be, who I would be with, or how much I would have missed out. Remember to stay true to yourself, and always, seek discomfort.