Sza's Album "Ctrl" and Why It's Legendary!

    “I can be your supermodel if you believe, if you see it in me. I can’t see myself, why I can’t stay alone just by myself? Wish I was comfortable just with myself but I need you.” (Ctrl, 2017)


This lyric comes from SZA’s (pronounced sizz-uh) hit single “Supermodel” off of her debut highly anticipated album Ctrl (pronounced control). If you haven’t heard of her or her music you’re truly in for a beautiful awakening. 


Released on June 9th, 2017 Ctrl is an album to be reckoned with. Smooth R&B tones and what Sza likes to call “Trap Pop” has the curly-haired songstress crooning over past lovers, hookups, being the other woman, feelings of inadequacy and this idea that being in your 20’s and not having it all figured out is okay. Sza made a song for every type of emotion, every type of woman and she basically let us know that despite being a celebrity, she’s still super relatable. 


My personal favorite from the album is one she’s titled “Drew Barrymore.”


This song definitely makes me think of 90’s teen movies and chick-flicks as it has an air of nostalgia to it. In it, Sza describes the low self-esteem that she once had over someone she was seemingly in a relationship with, and how her efforts at love were not reciprocated.  

  “I get so lonely I forget what I’m worth. We get so lonely we pretend that this works.”

Haven’t we all felt this way somehow or another? I sure have. 


The album is filled with endless, timeless bops and girl power anthems that make you want to sing and cry at the top of your lungs. To fully understand and grasp what she’s trying to tell us, don’t shuffle this album. Play it from start to finish and let the music do the talking. Sza hasn’t released any major projects since this one, and her fans (myself included) are eagerly awaiting new music, but, good things take time and I like to believe one simply cannot rush art!


Here are some tweets from disgruntled fans: 


@jawuann said, “The fact that sza hasn’t released an album makes me wanna beat her ass.”

@sarah_areli said, “Can sza release an album already?? Its been 2 years, im begging.”

@ti4anna said, “waiting for this new sza album is like waiting for rain in a drought.”