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Superwoman Save Yourself

Recently I have been suffering in silence. This piece is me speaking my truth, in hopes someone benefits.

There is no need to go-and-go until you burn out. Superwoman syndrome is a real problem in the modern world. Woman want it all, and we deserve it all. Our ways to achieve it all are not always the best. We take advantage of our bodies and push our limits. Sometimes that’s good, but sometimes (more so than not) it is unsustainable for our health.  Most women are raised by women who can do It all. They work, cook dinner, attend games and plays, help with homework, and a million other things.

As girls, we watched our mothers in awe. No one ever offered aid, because they never asked. (Except when it came to thawing out meats…and I always forgot to do that).  Now, we are becoming young women who never ask for help. I would rather carry all the groceries in and die trying than to ask for help. I associated asking for help made you weak. That is not true.

As a black young woman, I have been told I must work twice as hard to get where I want to be. This leads me to work until I burn out. Which is not good for my body. Many young women should learn that their personal health should come first. Girls are raised to serve others but, no one teaches us how to serve ourselves.

It is important we learn to be independent, but you can be independent and ask for help, or take time for ourselves. 

Felrette Greene is currently a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island, she is currently majoring in Political Science. In her free time, she can be found watching Netflix, reading, writing, or taking pictures. You can check out her photography skills on her Instagram @ fifi.greene.
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