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Thursday is my favorite day of the week because it is the pregame to Friday.  I have the same reasoning with seasons too- I love spring because it is the pump up song to summer.  There’s nothing more pleasing after a dull, gray, depressing winter, than seeing trees blooming white, pink and green flowers.  The crocus begin to come out of hibernation and are followed by daffodils, tulips and hyacinth.   Mmm the beautiful smell and site of spring is upon us!  

(picture by: M. Collamati)

Just like occasional thirsty Thursdays, the spring months can offer some rough days.  Here is a quick list of things to watch out for as you’re gearing up for those hot, tan beautiful summer months. 

1. Use caution on your 1st beach trip

This past weekend threw us into summer with 80 degree weather and a UV of 8.  Many URI students used the beach as a justification to procrastinate studying for finals…including myself.  I underestimated the sun and found myself looking like a lobster.  After buying three things of aloe to avoid peeling and reapplying three times per day, I realized that I do not want to deal with this again…or at least until next year.  The first burn is the worst, so don’t forget your sunscreen!  

2.  The outfit struggle

My biggest season of the outfit struggle is winter.  I can never be comfortable in baggy sweaters, heavy jackets and boots.  On the other hand, I absolutely love dresses, sandals and sunglasses to keep my hair out of my face.  The spring and fall are super awkward transition stages… kind of like wine Wednesdays.  I’ve found that my go-to for warmish coolish spring days are jeans, a tank with a cardigan, and some light canvas shoes or Vans.  

3.  The car temperature dilemma

Since junior year of high school when I got my own car, I remember doing this weird thing in the spring months.  Like any normal human being that likes the refreshing spring air, I wanted my car window to be wide open.  But sometimes the air wasn’t quite warm enough, and in that case I would turn up my heat.  It was the best of both worlds! I was feeling the long-lost spring air flowing through my brown locks while also feeling the warm heat on my body.  

With these few things in mind, I hope you have a lobster-free, fashionable, warm spring! Enjoy it and let the weather enhance your mood. :)

Hi! My name is Megan Collamati and I'm a junior at the University of Rhode Island.  I am currently studing journalism and sustainability. I'm born and raised in the beautiful state of Rhode Island and am always excited to learn new things. Thanks for taking a look at my articles!   
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