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St. Patty’s Day Celebrations Around New England

Now, I know St. Patrick’s Day is over. BUT! There is no harm in getting excited for next year!!! St. Patrick’s Day will sadly fall on a Sunday in 2019, for all of you who go to school or work (aka everyone almost). Here are some celebrations you can start planning on for the next time the leprechaun comes around!

1. Newport St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Newport is known for the large celebration it holds every year on March 17th. The parade is two hours long and includes everything from marching bands and bag pipes to reenactments. Even though it is usually during URI’s spring break, college kids plan on heading to Newport to get lit….as long as they are 21 :) 

2. Shamrock Fest at Mount Snow

 If you’re from Vermont or just love skiing, you’re in luck. Mount Snow throws a huge party for visitors. They have live bands playing Irish music, corned beef and green eggs, and even a scavenger hunt where the pot o’ gold is a season pass! The event usually takes place the same weekend that St. Patrick’s Day falls on.

3. Greater New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade

 This celebration is the largest spectator event in the State of Connecticut on a single day. This parade is usually held on the Sunday before St. Patty’s Day, which sucks for people who have to go to work on Monday. The parade consists of over 3,000 marchers and is 1.5 miles long. 

4. South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Boston’s St. Patty’s Day is huge. It attracts over 1 million spectators each year. The parade consists of thousands of marchers and some very colorful floats. The parade route is over 3 miles long. It is said to be the 2nd largest parade in the United States. Oh and don’t forget to wear green or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

5. NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Even though New York isn’t technically a part of New England, this celebration is one worth mentioning. This parade is one of the craziest. It usually takes place exactly on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. I was crazy enough this year to book a Broadway show on the same day as the parade….. never again. The parade lasts for 6 hours and ends when it arrives at the American Irish Historical Society.  The parade obviously also passes by St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is a big tourist sight in the city. 

Hey everyone! My name is Cassie and I am from Connecticut. I am a junior at URI majoring in pharmaceutical sciences. I am not entirely sure what I want to do with that major yet but hey, that's what college is for! I am obviously a apart of the URI Her Campus chapter and I am also a member of the Colleges Against Cancer here at URI. In this club, we plan the annual URI Relay for Life which is held down in Mackal Field House. I am so excited for our Her Campus launch and to be writitng weekly articles for you all :)
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