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I know we are all getting really tired of the school work and being stuck inside! But, as I’m working on studying for finals or cleaning my room for the thousandth time…LOL, I’ve been jamming out to some new and old music from all genres! Heres the list of my faves!

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Malte Wingen on Unsplash


“Big Booty Remixes” ~ Two Friends

I literally could not choose just one Big Booty Remix because I honestly love every single one that comes out! They remind me of college and of summer; they overall just give me such a good vibe and puts me in an amazing mood!


“Californication” ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song is just a bump for me for some reason! It just makes me feel kinda motivated and just gets me working during the hard days of school work!


“Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” ~ Looking Glass

Brandy makes me feel like its summer and I am on the beach! It reminds me of good times with my friends and family! 


“Bluebird”~ Miranda Lambert

I love Miranda Lambert but “Bluebird” is just one of those songs that I can relate to. I love her voice in it and she just kills the music writing game!


“The Bones” ~ Maren Morris 

Maren Morris comes out with amazing hits, but “The Bones” has such a strong message behind it and it just is an amazing song!


“What You See is What You Get” ~ Luke Combs

The title says it all in this one! In college and throughout life you meet a ton of people who aren’t truly who they act like they are. Luke Combs just lays it out there saying the person I act like is who I am and you’re not going to change that. I love that about this song!


“Cover Me Up” ~ Morgan Wallen

This is actually a cover but I love Morgan Wallen’s voice in this song and its such a relaxing song. It gives off good vibes and is just a great country song!


“Blinding Lights” ~ The Weekend

This is a BUMP!!!! I love this song! It gives such a chill and happy vibe! It just makes me want to get up and dance!


“Don’t Start Now” ~ Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa crushed this song! This is an amazing breakup song and also just a girl’s power; you can’t touch this vibe! I love dancing it out to this song!


“Take What You Want” ~ Post Malone and Ozzy Osborne 

If this isn’t the greatest duet of all time I don’t know what is! Ozzy and Post truly are a dynamic duo and that should 100% be a popular opinion. Period.

Hey everyone! Thank you for reading my article! I'm Madison, a sophomore here at URI! I am a kinesiology major on a premed track!