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Shows You Should Binge Watch If You Haven’t Already

Here’s a list of shows on Netflix that you should definitely check out if you haven’t watched yet.

1. Criminal Minds

Criminal minds is a show about the FBI’s behavior analysis unit at Quantico. This show typically has a unique story line each episode but tends to carry over when to comes to a big event, such as a premiere or a finale. This show always gives you a good episode if you like crimes shows, but the two main reasons you should watch the show are probably for Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler. 

2. Grey’s Anatomy

I only suggest this show if you think you have the time to watch it because you will get invested. There are so many ups and downs of this show but it’s honestly so worth the watch. Also you’ll pretty much be a surgeon after watching 15 seasons.

3. Friends

Okay, honestly if you haven’t watched friends yet then something is wrong with you. But, it’s okay, a simple fix is to just start watching right now. Friends is a classic TV show and you will just be missing out on everyone’s references if you haven’t watched. 

4. New Girl

If you like sitcoms like friends, or you can relate to being awkward, then you’d love New Girl. It’s just a funny show about a group of friends and it’ll make you feel like you’re less awkward simply because of how uncomfortably awkward Zooey Deschanel’s character is. 

5. The Office

It honestly took me about three times to actually make it past the beginning of season one. Once I actually committed to watching it though, I loved it. It’s a very funny show and an easy one to rewatch again once you’ve finished.

6. Parks and Recreation

If you have watched “The Office,” you will more than likely watch Parks and Recreation and love it. 

Psychology major at URI with a double minor in English and Education. Loves coffee & anything caramel, dancing, music and watching Netflix. Obsessed with all things Disney and spent a semester working at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
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