Self-Care on a Budget

Many acts of self-love and self-care are very accessible even if you are ballin’ on a budget like most of us college students are. One important way to enhance your mood and take care of your body is to prioritize your sleep. The best part is: this costs nothing at all! As college students, we often undermine the importance of sleep as we pull all-nighters to do homework or binge-watch the second season of You. It is actually crucial to our health that we get enough sleep because when we are deprived of it, our mental health is drastically damaged. 

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Another way to make yourself feel good is to have a solid everyday routine. This can include washing your face, exfoliating your whole body, moisturizing, etc. You do not need to have products worth hundreds of dollars in order to keep your skin hydrated and happy. Many drugstore brands are very effective. Just read the ingredients and labels to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals in these products. Having any kind of routine is beneficial to your mental health and is proven to increase productivity. 

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The next method of affordable self-care may seem extremely simple, but that just shows how easy it can be to love yourself. Drink lots of water and exercise!! Being hydrated helps prevent illness, helps in maintaining a healthy weight, and it can cost absolutely nothing. Water is a necessity for human survival. By drinking extra, you do not just survive, you thrive! Exercising, on the other hand, is not something that is vital to survival, but it is still very important. Exercising can also be free because it is super easy to do right from home. It is proven to boost mental health and feelings of accomplishment and confidence. 

All in all, life is not easy. It has challenges and obstacles, and we all face different ones almost every day. By doing the most simple acts of self-care, it makes surpassing these problems a little bit easier.