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Anna Schultz-Girl And Guy Couple Laughing With Milkshakes
Anna Schultz-Girl And Guy Couple Laughing With Milkshakes
Anna Schultz / Her Campus
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The Pros and Cons of Being “One of the Guys”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

Some girls just click better with guys. Whether it’s because they grew up with only brothers, consider themselves a “tomboy” or they just simply prefer their company over their fellow females, you’ve probably heard the phrase “one of the guys” a bunch of times. You might’ve even been labeled one. You’re a girl whose friends are mainly guys, and there’s plenty of great reasons why, but of course, every great thing comes with its downsides. I present to you, the pros and the cons of being “one of the guys.”

Anna Schultz-Girl And Guy Playing Beer Pong
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

Pro: Less Drama

It’s not unknown that women bump heads quite a lot, and guys rarely do. While this is not necessarily one hundred percent true, it has truth behind it. Guys just argue differently than girls and tend to resolve problems, sometimes more aggressively, certainly faster. Us girls have the tendency to talk behind each other’s backs and cause all kinds of drama, whether it’s over guys, or borrowing each other’s clothes, we get feisty, but it’s sneaky and tactical. Your guy friends probably won’t be talking behind your back about a shirt you stole from them, or about a guy. If so, they’ll probably just tell you flat out. So yes, there is less drama when you’re chilling with the guys. 


Con: Feminine TMI

You definitely can’t forget to pack an extra tampon or pad when you’re with the guys. They most likely won’t have one. If they do, they either have a girlfriend, frequent nosebleeds, or they’re just super weird. They also usually wince at the thought of blood coming out “down there”, and don’t understand the fact that women also masturbate. I still don’t understand why that last one is such an abstract idea to guys. 


Pro: No Competition

If your guy friends are all seeking girls to make out with at the club, and you’re looking for a hot guy to make out with at the club, you don’t have to worry about your guy friends eyeing your future man. It’s pretty nice not having to worry about you and your friend liking the same guy. Trust me, losing a friend over a guy is stupid. In this case, you probably won’t even have to worry about that.

Con: Falling for One of Them

Oh no, you accidentally caught feelings for one of your guy friends. Or, one of your guy friends fell for YOU. Now you have to suppress those feelings to save the friendship. Most times, you and your guy friends both know your boundaries, but sometimes it’s inevitable. It’s really a 50/50 chance. Either your guy friends (even though you love them) are gross, spit everywhere, burp and blow it into your face, or you think they’re cute and suddenly see them as a potential partner. Oops! It happens, and it sucks. 


Pro: You Learn a Lot About Guys

Sometimes you learn things you wish you never knew or even seen things you never wanted to see. While it can be gross and scary, you also learn a lot of the good stuff. How to (properly) touch one (you know what I’m talking about), what general things guys find attractive, and what they don’t. You can also get insight on how guys act when they like a girl since your guy friends most likely have crushes of their own. It’s nice knowing some “insider” information from a guy’s point of view, but there’s a hidden bad side to this one which brings me to the next con … 


Con:  You Learn How Guys Talk About Girls

Ever liked a guy so much, you start to wonder what he talks about with his friends and if he’s talking about you? Spoiler alert, he most certainly is. You’d be surprised at what guys say about girls when they’re with their friends. There’s a lot of good things and a lot of not-so-great things. Nonetheless, it’s interesting but kinda scary. It will have you thinking: Is this how my crush sees me? 

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Pro: They Look After You 

Sure, your girlfriends might look after you, but your best guy friends will do it (arguably) better, and make sure no one’s out to f**k with you. If a guy is ghosting you, they will be the first and best person to tell you just what’s going on. Once again, they give you first-hand insight into the other sex. Oh, and if a guy’s trying to get physical with you (in a bad way, of course) they will step right in almost always. They really do have your back, literally. 


Con: Saturdays

You’ve got the whole week to chill with your guy friends, but when Saturday rolls around, expect to be alone on your couch, or resort to your less-close girlfriends. You’ve probably heard it a million times: “Saturdays are for the boys.” Whether it’s actually Saturday or some other day, your guy friends are going to need a break once in a while from your estrogen. Who knows what guys do on “Saturdays.” I guess it’s best that we’re not invited… right?


Pro: Wing-Men 

Guys are pretty amazing wing-men, especially when it comes to setting you up with other men. They know what it takes to get a guy because they are one. If you see a cute guy, just tell your guy friend (not the one that likes you, if one does) and he’ll probably motivate you to talk to them or give you tips and advice to get his attention. He might even run up to them and point you out to him. I’ve been there. Just smile and wave. So awkward. 

Con: “Fake” Bullying

It’s oh-so-common that guy friends like to poke fun at you, simply because you’re a girl. They might make fun of your outfit, hair, makeup or whatever it is. They might even make fun of you for not understanding a joke that’s centered around male knowledge or some sports team you don’t follow. It’s funny until it’s not. Cut it out, boys! 


The list goes on, but the things I noted are probably the most prominent factors. If you’re “one of the guys”, you know just how these things work. Make sure to have back-up plans at least one night of the week, bring a tampon wherever you go, and try your hardest not to fall for one of your best guy friends.

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