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An Open Letter To My Little Brothers

To The Coolest Little Brothers Ever,

Yes, my beloved companions, friends, sworn enemies, and little monsters.

First and most importantly, I miss you both like crazy. I never realized how much you were a part of my life until I left for college, but life is so different without always having you guys around. I actually miss when you tackle me at random times, force mom to make dinner for exactly 4:30 P.M. right after school because you’re beasts or force me in the backseat because you called shotgun.

You guys are my favorite boys. Every time I come home and then have to leave again to go back to college, it’s ALWAYS hard to say goodbye. I’m so thankful that you two were placed in this life along side of me. There’s nobody else I would rather handle family situations with. I’m truly blessed.

You’re younger, now bigger, stronger, and turning into the men that I’ve seen in the little version of you both. I’m proud to call you my siblings. You’re always there for me when I need backup or a buddy. You both never fail to make me smile as soon as I step in the door after a long few months of college.

You make me laugh and you laugh at my stupid actions even though you say you hate them (but come on, I know you secretly love them).

I’m guessing this is a great time to apologize for the obnoxious moments belting and singing in the house, getting mad at you for stealing some of my dinner and dealing with my moments of low. I also want to thank you. Having you both in my life has been such an amazing gift from the beginning. I’ll never forget the days I got to hold you and call myself a big sister twice. From there on out I promised to be the greatest person to look up to.

Realize that I’m your big sister and I’m supposed to take care of both of you. You know, a mentor. I wish I could find better words than “thank you” to explain to you how much it means to me that you’ve been there through all the ups, downs, and in betweens.

I only hope you keep enjoying your years of young, keeping your sharp charisma and kind selves. I love you a million and more.

Stay awesome.

Love Always,

Your Big Sister

I'm willing to make anybody smile. I write to show how I chase happiness, contain & maintain positivity, express love and thought, and pursue strength and stability.
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