My Super Easy Skincare Routine

Take a second right now, and think about it: What is your skincare routine? How many steps does it involve? Are you aware of all of the products you are putting on your face? I feel as if today it is encouraged to have super lengthy skincare routines with an abundance of products that we cannot even pronounce. More times than not, these specific products may not even be as good for our skin as we had thought. As complicated skincare routines may work for some, I have never found that adding more products to my skin has helped me. I find it confuses my skin. My sensitive skin restricts me from using fun facemasks and using new makeup products, but I have found one product that I have been using forever that I still swear by. Using one product on my skin probably doesn’t even make it skincare, probably more like skin neglect or something, but here it is. 

Ivory soap. Plain old drugstore Ivory soap. I was introduced to it probably around middle school, the peak time for skin to act up for almost everyone...puberty. Anyway, my mom introduced me to Ivory soap, because it was a product she swore got her skin through college and after. Since middle school, my skincare routine has literally consisted of washing my face with Ivory soap before bed. In the summer, I wash with Ivory soap in the morning as well because the soap is meant to dry your skin, in a good way. I also swear by Neutrogena “On the Spot” treatment for those inevitable pimples here and there, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that that’s part of my routine. Do I even have a routine? I know, my routine is complicated. Many of you are probably cringing at my lack of skincare knowledge, and I totally agree. I wish I could use products to make my skin more glowy or alive, but personally, my skin has decided it is way too sensitive to be exposed to too much at one time. Ivory soap is made for sensitive skin!

                                                                            Courtesy of Unsplash

Ivory soap actually gained its popularity because of its so-called “purity,” and the pretty cool fact that it can float. Ivory soap considers its self to be 99.44 percent pure and is free from any dyes or heavy perfumes. In doing some quick research, I found that Ivory soap is one of the very few soap brands that can float doing to a manufacturing process that pumps air pumped into the bar of soap.

I am not saying that Ivory soap will cure all of your problems, but I have sworn by it for years and will continue using it for as long as it works for my sensitive skin and me. It’s definitely worth a try if your sick of your skincare routine.

                                                                            Courtesy of Unsplash