My Honest Review of the "Friends" Pop-up in Boston

When I first heard that a pop-up in honor of the 25th anniversary of Friends was coming to Boston all I could say was: Oh. My. God. Naturally, I rushed to get tickets and finally, the day came when I was able to attend the pop-up this past weekend. Friends is so well-known and loved by so many that it comes as no surprise they were able to pull off such a big project.

When you first enter the pop-up, you are greeted by employees that will quiz you on Friends trivia and walk you through the first few areas which have walls plastered with facts and quotes from the show. Then, you enter one of the most iconic scene recreations in the pop-up. There is a large fountain, the couch, the lamp, and the umbrellas from the opening credits. I would be shocked if anyone is able to enter this area without starting to sing. They have two couches set up; one with a professional photographer and a second if you simply prefer to take your own photos.

(Photo By Hannah Balquist)

As you continue through the experience, there are many props that were actually used on set. You can see Phoebe’s guitar, Joey’s “soapy” award, and even Ross’s red sweater. They also have a spot dedicated to each character with a sign describing some of their best moments, as well as a mannequin to show off one of their most iconic outfits. It was so cool to see the items that were actually used in the show right in front of you. On top of all of the props, there were also plenty of photo stations and interactive sections of the pop-up. You can snap a pic with the door to Monica’s apartment, try on a Thanksgiving turkey head, relax in Chandler and Joey’s recliners, sip coffee at Central Perk, and even get a picture trying to get a couch to "PIVOT" up the stairs! Another bonus is that there are plenty of employees around to take pictures for you so no one has to be left out.

(Photo By Hannah Balquist)

Overall, the pop-up was such a fun experience and I would definitely recommend a trip if you are a big fan of Friends! The tickets are a bit pricey so definitely make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to take everything in and get your money’s worth. The employees didn’t rush us through the experience like I was afraid they might, and we were able to enjoy everything. The whole experience was very well thought-out and there was something new to look at everywhere you went. The pop-up is only there through the beginning of the new year, so if you’re a fan of Friends and want to check it out make sure to get your tickets soon! If you can’t make it, don’t worry, the majority of us are on the couch watching re-runs too.