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If you know me, you know that I am the biggest Swiftie. I already ranked Taylor Swift’s latest albums, so I thought I would do the same for her older albums. Here are my top five songs from Lover!

Lover Album Cover
Taylor Swift / Instagram


5. “Lover”

Oh, how I adore this song. I remember hearing it for the first time and falling completely in love with it. This song encompasses all the feelings every girl wants in a relationship. “Lover” is truly a beautiful song and a wonderful lead single. 

Favorite line: “My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well to end up with you.”


4. “The Archer”

This song always seems to be ranked low by many Taylor fans. I honestly don’t understand how “The Archer” isn’t a fan favorite. It is too good! The vulnerability of her lyrics makes the song an instant favorite for me. 

Favorite line: “Who could ever leave me, darling, but who could stay?”


3.  “It’s Nice To Have A Friend”

Yet another song that not many fans like and I can’t imagine why; I absolutely love this song, it is just so calming. I adore the story that is told through the lyrics. The innocent beginnings of a relationship all the way to wedding bliss. It is so cute I cannot get enough of it! I only wish it was longer. 

Favorite line: “Something gave you the nerve to touch my hand. It’s nice to have a friend.”

Taylor Swift


2. “Death By A Thousand Cuts”

This song has the most incredible bridge! It is just so fun screaming it at the top of my lungs in the car. If you haven’t seen Taylor perform this live, do yourself a favor and look it up. You’ll thank me later. 

Favorite line: “You said it was a great love, one for the ages. But if the story’s over, why am I still writing pages?”


1. “Cruel Summer”

Everyone needs to hear this song! It is one of my top favorite Taylor songs of all time. Honestly, this is the best summer song and it definitely should’ve been a single.

Favorite line: “And I snuck in through the garden gate every night that summer just to seal my fate.”

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