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I'll admit my taste in music is pretty broad. I mean I love my hip-hop and RnB, but during this point in the semester, I work best with new chill music that I can constantly flip through - those feel good, head boppin' kind of tunes while you're studying. I think finding your perfect soundtrack is crucial, for various aspects of your life. This might mean you have one for working out, getting the day started and one to end the day and cook dinner to. Either way, make time to use Spotify or Apple Music to create your life soundtrack. You might be surprised to find that it helps make those every day tasks more enjoyable. These are some of my favorites, as long as I don't end up distracted and start dancing and singing to them. 


"Tequilawine" by Olivia O'Brien


"Saturday Nights" by Khalid

"Slow Dancing In the Dark" by Joji


"Say You Love Me" by Jessie Ware

"Cycle of Games" by ilham


"Disconnect" by 6LACK

"Easily" by Bruno Major


"I Needed You" by Blackbear

"Faded" by Sickick


"Foreplay" by Jalen Santoy

"Rainberry" by Zayn


"When The Party's Over" by Billie Eilish

"Six Speed" by ROLE MODEL


"All We Know" by Alessia Cara



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