A Multitude of Things That Are Way Better Than Sex as Told by College Students

I took an uber home last week at like 2 a.m. after “hanging out with a guy” and I would just like to say that I full on gave my driver Rodney 5 stars. He was the most pure and kind old man I have ever met and we began talking about relationships. I’m not going to dive into a whole spiel about what he said, but it was such an adorable and wholesome conversation that inspired me to write this article. It’s 2019 and everything about anything is about sex. However, my 10 minutes with Rodney reminded me of the times where the most basic and random things were so much more amazing than a quickie. So I present to you, a list of things that are better than sex, as told by 20 college students. *Some responses have been altered to better fit the context*

“Yeah Sex is Cool, But Have You Ever…”

  1. Fallen asleep next to someone you love?

    - Jack, URI

  2. Had really bomb mac and cheese? 

    -Natalie, Binghamton Univeristy                 

  3. Got really high?

    - Will, URI

  4. Spent an hour looking for a song that you only remembered one line from and then finally discovered it?

    - Alexandra, URI

  5. Hit every green light on your morning commute?

    - Mike, Villanova

  6. Actually got 8 hours of sleep?

    - Zach, URI

  7. Received free food at work?

    - Julianna, Desales University

  8. Pulled out a tampon that REALLY needed to be taken out? 

    Jessica, UCF                 

  9. Fell asleep extremely fast from crying and feeling so much better in the morning?

    - Paige, URI

  10. Licked the spoon when you made brownies?

    - Sarah, URI

  11. Fell in love?

    - Haley, URI

  12. Successfully used a pore strip and inspected all your blackheads that have been ripped out?

    - Sarah, URI

  13. Shaved your legs, moisturized and then hopped into bed?

    -Paige, URI

  14. Got first place on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart without falling off once? 

    - Ethan, Rivier University            

  15. Closed all your tabs when you finally finished working on something?

    -Jackie, University of Alabama

  16. Called your dog from another room and heard his/her paws hitting the floor coming to you?

    - Dylan, UTI

  17. Taking your bra off as soon as you get home after a long day?

     -Sam, URI                           

  18. Slept all day knowing you have no work to do?

    - Jackie, GWU

  19. Passed an exam you were 100% positive you failed?

    - Daisy, University of Alabama

  20. Actually finished? 

    - Kavya, UCLA