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Looking for ways to stay sustainable this holiday season? You’ve come to the right place! While it is nice that people are starting to make some everyday life changes, such as switching out plastic water bottles for a reusable water bottle, we can’t forget to continue to make these changes as the holidays approach. For example, while wrapping paper looks pretty under the tree, it’s a one time use and can’t be recycled. There are other ways to wrap gifts, such as with newspaper, paper bags, or using fabric or scarves. Another way to keep this Christmas season sustainable is to watch what you are getting for gifts. It is important to shop locally instead of ordering everything online. While ordering online can be convenient, it is unnecessary to order something to be shipped from China when you could be driving down the street to pick it up from a little shop. Another good gift idea is to start gifting experiences, or gifts with little waste. Giving someone a concert ticket, or a streaming subscription, or a ticket to an experience someone would want is a great way to reduce waste. Another way to reduce waste to make sure that your Christmas cards and envelope are recyclable. 

Also, while having the Christmas lights on sets the mood for the season, make sure to choose LED lights as they use less energy, and put your lights on a timer so they aren’t on all day. Enjoy your Holiday Season and remember to keep it sustainable!



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