Midterms Week as Explained by Parks and Recreation Gifs

Midterms week has come and gone, and as I am sure most college students were, this week before spring break was as stressful as heck! I'm sure my professors didn't plan to make all of their tests, essays, and quizzes on the same days, but somehow they all were. Thankfully, after lots of procrastinating by taking study breaks, hanging out with friends, taking buzzfeed quizzes and binging Parks and Recreation again, midterms have slowly but surely passed without too much catastrophe. Parks and Recreation never fail to make me laugh and get my mind off of my stressful situation and midterms week was no exception. Here is midterms week as described by Parks and Rec gifs!

When you realize just how much homework and studying you have to do:

Being motivated for two minutes after you chug your morning coffee:

What tell yourself when you're procrastinating studying and think you can get away without doing so:

Overall feelings throughout the entire week: 

After you give your presentations or write your extended response test answers:

When you're finally done with midterms and you get to go home (and watch more Parks and Recreation):