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Being a maid of honor is a common dream, and it was truly one of the best experiences of my life to be my cousin’s “MOH”. My cousin and I grew up together, and I call her both my best friend and my sister, so the day that she set me to be her right-hand-woman on her big day will forever hold a special place in my heart. After prepping for her wedding for a little over one year, she got married in July, and the wedding was wonderful! Here are some tips for all of the MOHs looking to make the bride’s day even better than imagined.


The biggest mistake: getting too overwhelmed! Remember, this job is not supposed to be easy. The bride trusts you, and that is why she chose you. She believes in you, and so do I, so take a deep breath, and think of how great everything will be once it comes together. You are not alone, so remember you can ask your family and friends for planning and decorating help. I brought my mom and friend with me while decorating for my cousin’s surprise bridal party; as a team, we were able to accomplish a memorable and fun party. There is no need to worry, you can do it!

Help, But Don’t Overdo It

The bride definitely is going to need you throughout the entire wedding process. She will want your help, and you will always have something to plan/prep. Just understand the difference between being a helping hand and trying to take over. My cousin and I organized invitations, planned for the reception, organized ceremony details, and had plenty of fun dance parties in the process (they’re great for stress-relief), but I understood that she also had certain things designated to be done with her groom. For example, choosing the food and cake was important to him, so I let him take charge of that field! 

Bachelorette Party Tips

The bachelorette party can be an awesome time for everyone if you are sure to consider the group that will be attending, and most importantly, the bride’s preferences. I paid close attention to my cousin’s favorite activities, the vibe of the party she would be looking for, and the age group that she would want to invite. I decided not to make the party a surprise because I wanted to be sure she would be 100% happy with the outcome. I chose a Paint and Sip party to combine painting (fun for all) and wine (fun for 21+). The party worked well for everyone, and it was uniquely brilliant! We all left the bachelorette party with our own impressive paintings that will forever be a reminder of the fun we had. If you are looking for bachelorette party ideas, I highly recommend something like a paint party! 

Dress Shopping Opinions

Dress shopping is THE BEST! Wedding dresses are absolutely stunning, and getting to see my cousin so beautifully happy while trying on the most important dress she may ever wear was one of my favorite parts of wedding preparation. Be honest with the bride- I promise she appreciates it. She will bring you dress shopping so she can make sure she finds the perfect fit, so be there for her to calm her nerves and make her experience nothing but a joy. Be sure to ask the bridal shop employee how the chosen dress is tied and buttoned in order to be prepared for when you have to help her get it ready on the big day! 

Keep the  Bride in Mind

Believe me, I know it is easy to get excited and want to plan as if you are planning your own wedding, but this is a big no! Make sure everything you do, you have the bride in mind. She asked you to be her MOH because she believes that you know her best, so you have to show her your awesome MOH skills. Consider the bride’s personality and wholeheartedly listen to her requests. If you carefully consider the bride, her day will be exactly what she envisioned- if not better!

Remember, the wedding is a life-changing day for the bride, so make sure you are there for her through all of her emotions. She chose YOU, and you should be honored to have someone who loves you so much! Do not forget what the wedding is really about: happiness, togetherness, and of course, love.

Hi! My name is Alyssa Houlis, and I am a sophomore. I am an animal science and writing and rhetoric major, and I am excited to combine writing with my scientific studies. You will probably catch me chilling outdoors, painting, or skating!
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