Local Places to Get Cute Fall Pics

Fall is upon us, and so are cute fall Instas. Here are some places near URI you can go to get some cute fall pictures.


1. The Farmer's Daughter 

This is such a cute place and you can really get cute pictures here. It's so close by too; the garden center is located in South Kingstown. This place has got the most gorgeous background guaranteed to get give you a gorgeous photo. 


2. Narrow Lane Orchard

This is a cute little apple picking place in North Kingstown. Apple picking is always a popular picture spot and not to mention a fun fall activity with friends and family. 

3. Clark Farms 

This is a cute little spot in Wakefield you can go on the weekend with your friends. They have a corn maze, a corn cannon, and a sandbox filled with corn kernels. Basically there's a lot of corn, but it's just so cute. 

4. Any Cute Restaurant Where You Can Wear a Fall Outfit

This one is pretty basic, but who doesn't love wearing a good-looking outfit, and eating an even better-looking meal? Fall is a good time to dress cute but also comfy, and getting fall snacks is always a fun and cute thing to do with friends. Might as well get some equally adorable photos from these experiences.