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Jeans That Make You Actually like Jeans

An essential everyone needs in their closet is a nice pair of jeans. I think everyone needs to invest in a pair of good jeans because they pair with literally everything. Growing up I hated jeans, but they are basically what I wear on the daily. 

1. Madewell

My Madewell jeans unfortunately just ripped, but they are literally one of the best pairs of jeans I’ve had. The type of jeans I had were 9” High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Patty Wash. I had them since I was in seventh grade, so I’ve been wearing them for a little more than six years. I like Madewell’s jeans because the ones I had were super stretchy, unlike most skinny jeans, but they also looked very fitted on my legs, like how skinny jeans look. With these jeans, I was able to layer a pair of leggings under for extra warmth on the windy days.

2. Gap

I LOVE my Gap jeans and even have two pairs of the same type because they are just so good. I love how they are stretchy and loose, but also look fitted on the thighs. I have the Mid-Rise True Skinny Jeans in Dark Indigo. I tend to wear these jeans with bright colored tops because I feel like I look dark if I wear a dark top with the Dark Indigo wash. For these jeans, I have to wear a belt because they tend to slip down when I go up the stairs or walk for a long time. 

3. Free People

The Free People jeans I have are the Brooke Skinny Jeans and they may look a little strange in the photo, but they do fit thighs well. I am a fan of high-rise jeans and these were a little low for me, but I did like the light/medium wash so I ended up wearing them a lot. Since they were a little low, I kept pulling them up by the belt loops and there was one time I pulled too hard that the loop broke, so that was the end of those jeans. I also have a pair of jeans from Free People that have two holes at the knee area and those are my favorite jeans with holes in them. They match with anything, such as a tank, sweater, hoodie, jean jacket, etc.

4. Levi’s

Levi jeans are amazing. I personally haven’t found a pair of Levi jeans that I love on my body, but they always look so amazing on one of my friends. She has about seven pairs and they all look so good. With Levi’s I would go for a Wedgie High-Rise 501 Vintage wash. I think those are so cute and they also add some spunk to your wardrobe.


These are some of my favorite brands to buy quality jeans from, but other fun and unique jeans I got this year were from places such as Urban Outfitters and Revolve. Definitely go check these places out if you’re in need of some worthy jeans.


Amanda Lin is from Seattle, WA and is a Doctor of Pharmacy major at the University of Rhode Island! She is passionate about health, fashion, and food. Check out her webpage (amandanlin.com), and connect with her through Instagram at @amandanlin and @nomnomwithalin!
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