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It is 2020, and if you’re like me you’ve been on this earth for a decade and some change. Isn’t that a pretty amazing and radical thing to think of? Ten years ago I couldn’t even imagine being the person that I am today which is something. In the next ten years, I’ll be in my early thirties, and married? With children? Maybe I’ll be extremely wealthy and living on an island somewhere with my equally as wealthy male (or female, who knows) suitor? Possibly. 

These are things I like to dream about but as the second month of this year approaches I’m starting to think of ways in which I can attain this wealth that I hope to have acquired by the time I’m 30 flirty and thriving (subtle 13 going on 30 reference haha.) I’m slowly realizing that I no longer wish to work for other people. I want to be on my own time. I want to make money doing something I enjoy while being my own boss. 

So, I’ve decided to invest in myself and build up my skills. In life, I’ve learned that if you want something bad enough you’re going to have to get it yourself, on your very own. That is the harsh truth but it’s a lot easier when you’re the only person who could potentially block your blessings.

I believe 2020 is the year for investing in you. Putting your needs and wants ahead of others to benefit yourself in the long run. I say if you have a skill or a talent why not profit off of it? Build your brand, perfect your craft and hey, who knows maybe you’ll have your own private island in ten years. 

Journalism major. Its’s ya girl! Xoxo, Seeonbothsidez
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