Intentions or Goals for the New Year?

At the end of every year, people scramble to think and set goals for the new year. Then once the clock strikes midnight, people quickly start to jump on the diet bandwagon or whatever other resolutions that they set. However, many people’s goals/resolutions don’t tend to last long due to lack of motivation or carelessness. 

The lack of success with goals have led people to set intentions for the year instead of goals. What are intentions exactly? Intentions are vows that come from within someone. Many intentions are goal-based meaning that the intentions that you set follow the goals that you would be setting or have set. 

Setting intentions allow you to have a clearer mind and focus more on what you want to get out of the year rather than goals that you are more likely to quit by February first. Intentions could be things such as being more present or releasing your fears. 

Goal-based intentions allow you to kill two birds with one stone and still help you feel accomplished. You should still try to set goals and achieve them however don’t stress too much about them. A goal for being more present would be things like cutting down on phone use or doing more yoga.


When 2020 rolls around, try setting intentions first and then goals to achieve more success! And if you have already set intentions and goals for 2019, good luck!