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If You Love the Classic “French Girl Style,” Here Are Some of the Best Instagrams to Follow

The French have always mastered fashion with a breeze of effortless chic and cool precision. Although it may actually take effort to look as cool and calm as Parisians, they can somehow make it appear as though they woke up with perfectly tousled hair, smudged red lipstick and clear skin. Rather than standing in front of their closets pondering whether they should wear leggings and a large band tee or leggings and an oversized jean jacket, their go-to outfits appear as though they just threw on a pair of perfectly tailored pants, tied their boyfriends large white button down in a knot at the waist and grabbed their perfectly tiny and put together purse.

I’ve been trying to master the French art of fashion for as long as I can remember, yet I still feel as though I need to go to Paris in order to fully grasp their style. However, while I can’t just get up from my dorm room, skip classes for the week and hop on a plane to France, in the meantime I can scroll through my instagram feed. I can pretend that I’m walking through Paris eating a baguette and cheese while wearing the perfectly thrown together Parisian inspired outfit. Below are some of my favorite instagram-ers who have mastered the “French-girl-style”… probably because they are actually from Paris, but that doesn’t mean they can’t inspire you to step outside of your style norm and embrace their effortless chic appearance. 


1. AnneLaure Mais Moreau

2. Jeanne Damas

3. Jenny M. Walton

4. Joanne Palmaro

5. Musier Paris

6. Prune Pauchet

7. Rouje Paris

8. Camille Charriere

Hi y'all! I'm a sophomore at URI, majoring in Journalism and Textile Merchandising Fashion Design and I'm passionate about recycling, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and bagels. Follow me on Instagram @abbiejudson :D
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