I Cannot Believe It Is Still Warm Outside

Usually I, like many New Englanders, adore fall. It is so beautiful here during this time of year and everybody, no matter how cynical they are, likes to watch the leaves change and go to Fall festivals. I love pumpkin spice lattes and apple-everything and I ~love~ chunky knits. It is my favorite season and normally provides me with a great deal of motivation and contentment. It is the back-to-school time of most people and the utter newness is irresistible. 

This year, though, there seems to overall have one difference: it is still warm out. Fall is temperamental as the seasons change and I for one have fallen victim to the mistake of putting on a turtleneck in the morning and then feeling sweltering by 1:00 pm in many Falls past. You never know what kind of coffee you should get or what kind of shoes you should wear. It is typical of the season. But this year is not temperamental. No, it is not even chilly or “mild.” It is warm. This morning, it was 67 F when I woke up. 

Gone are my beloved ankle boots and wooly socks and hot apple cider and sunshine. Gone are endless pumpkins and orchards and freshly made donuts. They still technically exist, yes, but they feel wrong in temperatures that are more reminiscent of late spring. Everyone keeps talking about how “beautiful” it is outside and while I can get behind it not being snowing, I want legitimate fall weather and not this “warm” stuff. I am downright sweating while I walk to class and that just isn’t fair. I need legitimate chills or I will hardly feel okay. 

Yesterday, at CVS, I heard the employees talking and one of them mentioned to the other that she heard we are supposed to have a “mild winter.” If it means I never get to wear my peacoat for the amount of time it deserves and feel the need to open the window at night in November we're going to have major issues!