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How to Adjust to Having a Roommate

It is not always easy sharing a room with someone, especially someone you know nothing about. When it comes to college roommates, it is almost like a blind date. You talk for a little back and forth on the phone, and then all of a sudden, you're forced to live with each other for the whole school year. It’s small, it's cramped and sometimes there is more than just two of you. Now I’m not saying it is a terrible thing to have a roommate, but it is definitely something that takes time to get adjusted to, here are a few tips on how to get used to having a roommate.

Spend Time in Places Other Than Your Room

Sometimes it is tough always having someone in the room with you at all times, especially because everyone needs alone time once in a while. When you find yourself wanting to be by yourself, try to go somewhere. Some places include the library, a dorm lounge to just have some quiet time or figure out when your roommate has class and you know you’ll be in the room alone. Also keep in mind that your roomie may want some time to themselves too, so try not to be in the room 24/7 so they have some alone time as well.

Talk About Your Issues

You and your roommate are not always going to get along perfectly, so if you do ever have complaints or concerns, make sure to address them. Things are not going to get better if you just act as nothing happened. They will continuously build up and that never ends well. So, if something is bothering you, try to bring it up to your roommate nicely and try to find solutions to fix the problem.

Respect Each Other's Space

When it comes to having people over, your roommate may not always be in the mood to have people over. Before inviting someone over to your room, ask if it is okay with your roommate first, or if they aren’t in the room make sure to give them a heads up before they come back to the room.

Determine What You're Willing to Share

Some people are big on sharing, while others… not so much. Make sure to make it clear, especially if your sharing closet and fridge space. Are you willing to share your jeans and sweatshirts, and trust that they won’t ruin it? Do you really mean it when you say, what's mine is yours? Determine what you are okay with sharing, and what may be considered, crossing the line.

Check in on One Another

Even if you and your roommates aren’t the closest, it is always nice to feel like someone cares. Make sure everything is going okay, and that they are adjusting to everything okay. They may just need to talk to someone here and there, and it is nice to know you can count on your roommate.

Going from living in your own room with plenty of space and alone time to college dorms is a huge change. It is something we all have to get used to. Just keep in mind, what’s hard for you to adjust to, may also be hard for your roommate. Try to communicate as best possible and establish some rules from the getgo to help respect each other's space and boundaries.


Hi! I'm Gabby Curtis and I am currently a freshman at the University of Rhode Island. I am majoring in Communications with a business minor. In my free time I love hanging with friends, staying active, and enjoying a good movie!
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