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Falling into Fall

As autumn is approaching, I am growing more and more excited. Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. Seeing the trees changing colors and wearing the thick and cozy sweaters that have been stuffed away for over five months, makes me smile. I am one of those annoying people who prepares for the seasons way before I should, because why not? Here are some ways to fall right into fall, the best time of the year. 

1. Buy Autumnal Spiced Drinks

Whether you are buying pre-made drinks or purchasing Keurig pods, having a warm autumnal spiced drink in your thermos as you walk around campus is a great way to taste the season. 

2. Change Your Color Theme

As the weather gets cooler, so should the tones in your room. If you want to spice some color into it, I highly suggest an accent pillow in the color orange or maroon, while still maintaining a room on the darker side. If you aren’t a fan of a dark toned room, you can always use a white comforter and dark gray pillowcases which I have done this season.

3.  Print Pictures

For my dorm this year, I have purchased white grids to place on my wall. I clip pictures onto the grids with teeny tiny clothes pins. For this fall, I had printed fall themed pictures in bulk to clip onto the grids once I was ready to get into the seasonal mood. I also purchased a galvanized frame that looks great for any season, it all depends on what picture you place in it. I suggest downloading some fall themed pictures like piles of burnt orange leaves and pretty calligraphy. It definitely adds character to a room! 

4. Change Your Desktop and Phone Background

This is a simple way to involve the changing of the seasons into your everyday life. For me, as soon as I change my backgrounds, I feel a certain vibe in the way I feel. Seeing pictures of fall leaves and pumpkins make me want to cuddle up in a ball of blankets and sip a hot drink. There are so many websites like Pinterest and UnSplash where you can find beautiful pictures of the season.

5. Buy a Pumpkin!

You can find pumpkins at your local market. If you want something simple, buy a tiny pumpkin you can place on your desk or windowsill. If you want to get crazy, purchase a huge pumpkin and place it next to your bed! You can never go wrong with a pumpkin (unless you’re allergic, and in that case, purchase some scented pinecones and place them in a crate somewhere in your room)!


Brooke Conneally is a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Communications. She spends most of her time playing guitar while singing, pinning projects on Pinterest, cuddling with her cats, and organizing her room. 
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