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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

Fall is a universally favorite season for any person who lives on the east coast. The weather finally cools off, but not to the point where it’s too freezing, you won’t be sneezing and coughing from spring allergies, and not to mention the fashion gets oh so comfortable. As the leaves fall, the kickoffs begin, and Halloween creeps in, it’s time to dive into the best part of the season-FASHION!

Silk Slip Skirts

Slip skirts, especially cheetah/leopard print skirts, were the staple summer mini or midi. Now, they’re carrying us through fall, and women are pairing them with sweaters instead of graphic tees. They’d be perfect with a pair of cute boots and a turtleneck, or a crewneck sweater and sneakers. They are the epitome of trendy street style for the everyday college girl wanting to spice up her look. 


Warm Colors

Whether it’s a sweater, jacket, hat, pants or shoes; adding a little warmth will 100% amp up your outfit this fall. Pinks, browns, oranges, and any color of a sunset works perfectly to feel cozy on colder days. So far this season, personally, rust and pink colors have been my go-to, and probably will continue to be my favorites for the rest of fall.


Ombré Nails

They’re back, and they’ve changed. Everyone remembers the insane trend from high school where we tried to paint each nail a blend of three colors. Well now it’s back, and its older sister has taken the stage. Each nail is a different color so your whole hand is part of the ombré. This throwback look has made a change for the better, and it for sure adds a unique touch to your mani. 


As a New Englander, fall is the most fun season of the year: the leaves are changing colors, we get to bust out the cozy hats and scarfs, the football games begin, and now there are three new trends to try out-silks, warm colors, and ombré! Here we go! 


Hi, i’m Miren! I’m a freshman Marine Bio major at URI. I love playing tennis and sailing, i love going to beach and being outside! Go follow me on insta! it's @mbarri17