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Eight Reasons You Should Be Watching "Game of Thrones"

I know what you’re thinking. Eight seasons, around 10 episodes per season with one-hour episodes. It’s a long a** show, which will average you around 70 hours to watch it in total, but once you get into it, you’ll wish 70 hours of binge-worthy episodes were 700 hours. From the astonishing CGI landscapes to the cast members to the twisted, exciting and complex storyline, I hope I can convince you to stop binge-watching Friends for the fifth time and start HBO’s Game of Thrones.

  1. 1. The Cast Members Are Hot AF

    Meryl Streep Yes Gif

    Before we get into the real reasons you should be watching this amazing show, we must admire how easy on the eyes some of these cast members are. Go ahead and search “Daario Naharis” and “Jon Snow” to see for yourself. You may be straighter than a ruler, but the ladies in the show are equally as hot. Sometimes I wonder what these beautiful cast member’s (real) children would look like because wow. Oh and here’s a little spoiler: you’ll see plenty of their abs, booties, and booties but change the “t” to a “b.”

  2. 2. Drama, Drama, and More Drama

    Don’t lie to yourself, we all love some hot tea, and there’s a lot of tea spilled in this show. Love triangles, rivalry, deceit, pettiness. You’ll not only get to see the drama play out, but you’ll also get to see both sides of it play out. What’s better than knowing a secret? The answer is knowing all of the secrets. You’ll want to transport yourself into the show many times to warn your faves about some secret strategy against them, but since you can't, you’ll probably resort to screaming irl.

  3. 3. It'll Put You In Your Feelings

    Joey Friends Thinking

    With every good show comes lots of emotions. You’ll be extremely happy, sad, shocked, angry, and nervous. Sometimes, you’ll be all of those things at once. Each and every episode will have you in your feelings, and that is a promise. I won’t get into why you’ll just have to take my word for it.

  4. 4. Strong Female Characters 

    Heck yeah. Some of these ladies are totally badass. Queens, princesses, mothers, daughters, leaders, rebels, “no-ones”, there are tons of women in this show, and the majority of them are so powerful. Whether it’s in a good way or in a twisted way, these women aren’t ones to mess around with. All hail the Queen.

  5. 5. Lots Of Birds & The Bees

    Enough said.

  6. 6. Awesome Landscapes and Graphics 

    There are so many different places discussed and shown in Game of Thrones, and some of these places are just as beautiful as the cast. These places are straight out of your coolest dreams. Wonderful snowy winter wonderlands, beautiful white sandy beaches, blue skies, eerie dark skies, Game of Thrones has it all. Since these places are not 100% real, I give so much credit to the computer graphic editors.

  7. 7. A Win For The Gore/Horror Lovers

    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days gif

    You’ll see a lot of blood, so if that’s not your thing, you may want to refrain from GoT. For those that love eerie, twisted stuff, you’re in luck. There will be lots of swords through hearts, eyes, feet and, well… you’ll find out. Ouch!

  8. 8. Ships Will Set Sail (The Love Kind)

    There are lots of cute couples in this show that you’ll fall in love with. When I say that you will ship so many characters together, I mean it. You’ll have to watch to find out exactly why, though.

Game of Thrones seasons may feel as long as waiting for the waiter to bring your food when you’re hungry AF, but it’s so worth the watch. You won’t want to look away even when you wish you could. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so go ahead and watch it!