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Since coming to college, I think I’ve actually gotten lazier. Every morning I find it harder and harder to get out of my bed. After snoozing my alarm about 5 times, I don’t have much time to get ready in the morning. Because of this I never have any time to do my hair before I go off the class. After finally getting tired of having an awful hair day every day, I came up with a couple full proof things I can do with my hair to make sure it doesn’t look too bad.


I’ve tried a bunch of different methods trying to perfect overnight curls and I think I’ve got it down by now. I have two different ways I like to get my hair curly by the time morning comes. The first one is pretty easy: a french braid. I find that french braiding my hair starting at the absolute top of my hair is the best way to get those easy beachy waves. I either do this when my hair is towel dried, or when my hair is completely dry. For more softer waves, you want to braid your hair when it’s dry, but if you’re looking for more defined waves you would want to do this with wet hair.



Another way I achieve overnight curls is by doing a couple ballerina buns. What I used to do was create two space buns on the side of my head and sleep like that. After constantly being annoyed by having to sleep on one of these buns I realized I could just put the buns on the back of my head *duh*. To create the buns, gather a section of your hair and start twisting it until it comes together in a bun. I create three buns, one on the very top of my head, one in the middle and one on the bottom. As with the braid, you can either do this with wet or dry hair; wet for more defined curls, and dry for softer ones. One big tip I have for the overnight hairstyles is to put it a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to make sure your hair doesn’t become frizzy when drying in the bun or braid all night.



After doing the overnight curls in the buns, my hair is usually a little bit crazy curly on the top of my head. Sometimes I get lucky and it looks great after taking out the buns, but there are times there’s a crease in my hair or the curls got a tad bit crazy. Sometimes I can wet my hair a bit, scrunch it, and it comes out great but with my hair, it’s usually a hit or miss. When this happens my go-to is to put a small top knot on the crown on my head. With the curls, it makes it easier to create a nice messy bun on the top of your head. After securing it with an elastic I sometimes I have to add a couple bobby pins and I’m good to go.



If I decide that I want to do a messy bun, the night before I will always sleep with the three ballerina buns. Having curled hair always makes creating a messy bun so much easier for me. Putting your hair in these buns before sleeping will also give your hair more volume which is also helpful when creating a messy bun.



If you’ve never tried using a hot air brush before, you’re missing out! My mom recently bought the John Frieda Hot Air Brush, and it’s probably the best hair styler I’ve ever used. It’s basically a blow dryer and brush combined into one. It makes blow drying your hair so much easier, and also makes your hair look twenty times better. It gives your hair so much volume and shine while drying it. Using this either at night after you shower, or in the morning, your hair will be perfectly styled without having to straighten or curl it.  


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