Does Size Actually Matter?

D*ck size. The world's greatest debate. Should we care? Does it actually affect how sex is? Are we being too picky? To be completely honest… I don’t know. Because in reality, it’s more than just the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean. So let me break it down for you.


Just talking about size here. I don’t care what you or he does with it, but does the size change anything? Well as we all should know by now, the average penis is about 5 inches when hard (that’s about a little less than 2 Juuls stacked on top of each other and I know this comparison sucks but I know you all know that it makes perfect sense so shut up). So let’s get a little technical here. You should all know what a G-spot is and if you don’t look it up because I’m highly disappointed in you, but the G-spot is about 2-3 inches deep inside the vagina. Which means even if his d*ck is average or even a little bit less, then technically yes the sex should be good enough for you to feel it and hopefully get something out of it (I’m not talking about technique here). However, we also need to keep in mind the girth. So girth is basically the width of his penis. So let’s say he has an average to below-average size, but an above-average girth (more than 3.5 inches around which is about the same circumference of a Voss water bottle **Yes I did research on all of this but science is science**)  which is pretty much the same size of a woman’s vagina when NOT aroused. If you guys didn’t know this, your vagina basically dilates when you’re horny (peep that heartbeat) close to 5 inches. So if the guy you are sleeping with has an average/”smaller” penis, but an above-average girth, the sex should be great. Obviously you’re not going to take out a measuring tape and size him up before you get down to business, but the foreplay beforehand can honestly be a telltale of how it’s going to be. (AKA blowjobs baby). On the other hand, above-average penises can be both good and bad. If it’s longer than the average but has a below-average girth (also known as what I like to call skinny d*ck), then the only thing I can compare it to is like having sex with a stick. It’s not the best, but it most likely won’t fulfill you as a good average-sized length and girth would. The same goes for the opposite, which quite frankly is even worse because if a guy has too large of both length and girth, it can honestly be pretty intimidating and uncomfortable. So when it comes down to just the size of it and if it matters, scientifically speaking, some sizes do matter when it comes down to your own personal pleasure, but it’s never just the case of it being either big or small. 

Now let's move on to the other aspect of dick sizes; how they use it.

Even though we might not think about it, guys always have different opinions on their d*ck sizes and how they see it. It’s kind of like how we are insecure about our boobs or stomachs, guys get like that too. With guys who are above average (just talking length here), it seems like they know they have a larger dick than other guys, which most of the time causes them to half-ass what they're doing because some guys don’t seem to understand that we aren’t going to lay there and take it like a dead fish. This isn’t all guys, but if you can honestly think back to your best hookups, I guarantee that most of them didn’t have monster penises. So with guys that have smaller d*cks, it could go one of two ways. He could either 1) know exactly how to use his d*ck in a way that pleasures both himself and his partner because he wants to show that even though it’s not huge, it can do the job better than any other, or 2) not know or even care how to use it differently because sex is sex to him and he wants to get off. I know it may sound like I’m trash talking guys right now, but we all need to understand that a guy's d*ck is pretty similar to his ego, hence why people make d*ck jokes all the time in relation to someone either being rude, obnoxious, or even immature. Basically, when it comes down to how they use it, it doesn’t matter what size they have, it’s pretty much depending on whether or not he’s educated about what’s good and not good to do during sex. And if he doesn’t know, then hop up and teach the kid, you can do whatever you want because it truly does take two to tango.