Do the Da*n Thing

This is for anyone out there who may be wondering what they should do. You may feel one way, but be thinking another. You may be smothering yourself in all of the things that can go wrong if you make one choice over the other. I am here to tell you to follow your heart and do the da*n thing. I’m telling you. I did something today that I had been dreading for a while. I knew in my heart what was right for me, but stopped myself from doing it because of the other people involved. I thought about all the ways I could be hurting them. It took me quite some time to think of all the ways I was hurting myself by trying not to hurt them. I felt suffocated until I finally chose to do what was best for me. The breath of fresh air I felt after was astounding. I held the power that whole time to give myself that sigh of relief. I realized that by refraining from hurting the feelings of the others involved I was only hurting them more. I couldn’t pretend to care about someone in the way they did for me just because I didn't want to hurt their feelings. That’s not fair to either them or myself. I helped myself and them today. I helped us both get out of a situation that only would have ended in us hurting each other. I had to stop my hurt and their hurt before it even hit them. So, yes, I did the da*n thing and it feels da*n great!