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The Disney Channel Original Movies You Loved, But Probably Forgot About

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

Everyone, who was anyone, grew up watching Disney Channel. No one forgets the classics, but some of the best movies growing up were the Disney Channel Original Movies, or DCOM’s. Here’s a list of all of your favorite movies, from your childhood, that you thought you forgot about.

1. Smart House

Making technology look frightening, since 1999.

2. The Luck of the Irish

If you didn’t watch this every St. Patrick’s Day, then you really missed out.

3. The Thirteenth Year

Making mermaids cool before they became a craze.

4. Cow Belles

Back when Ally and AJ were probably your favorite singers.

5. Cadet Kelly

You probably wanted to go to military school after watching this movie.

6. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Before Raven saw the future, she lived in space.

7. Up, Up, and Away

The original Incredible family.

8. Quints

This movie made you feel thankful if you were an only child.

9. Get a Clue

Lindsay Lohan or Nancy Drew?

10. Stuck in the Suburbs

Proving that exciting things can happen, even in the suburbs.

11. Jump In

Only Corbin Bleu could make double dutch this cool.

12. You Wish!

Hasn’t everyone wanted to wish away their sibling at one time or another?

 ​13. Now You See It

This movie probably made you want to start doing magic.


Psychology major at URI with a double minor in English and Education. Loves coffee & anything caramel, dancing, music and watching Netflix. Obsessed with all things Disney and spent a semester working at Disney's Animal Kingdom.