Costumes for Every Night of Halloweek That Won't Break the Bank

Halloween in college is much different than how it was when you grew up. In college, it is considered “Halloweek”, where every night of the week leading up to Halloween itself, is a different costume party. That means you need about seven or eight different costumes per night, which is obviously a lot. So here is some inspiration for what you can dress as each night, mostly from clothes you already have and small accessories from Walmart.

  1. 1. Cat

    What to Buy: Cat ears and a tail.

    What to Wear: All black.

    Makeup/Hair: Black-winged eyeliner with whiskers.


  2. 2. Cheetah

    What to Buy: Cheetah ears and a tail.

    What to Wear: Animal-printed top or bottoms. 

    Makeup/Hair: Cheetah print makeup (watch a YouTube video it's easier than you think).


  3. 3. Vampire

    What to Buy: Fake blood.

    What to Wear: Literally anything black or red.

    Makeup/Hair: As simple or as sexy as you'd like, but just cover yourself in blood. 


  4. 4. School Girl

    What to Buy: Glasses (if you don't already own a pair). 

    What to Wear: Plaid and white. 

    Makeup/Hair: Pigtails or braids. 


  5. 5. Frat Boy

    What to Buy: Nothing. 

    What to Wear: Boys button-up shirt and a baseball hat. 

    Makeup/Hair: Doesn't matter. 


  6. 6. Bratz

    What to Buy: Nothing. 

    What to Wear: Any Bratz-inspired clothes you have. 

    Makeup/Hair: Glam it out! Use any doll as inspiration!


  7. 7. Kim Possible

    What to Buy: Red wig. 

    What to Wear: Black shirt and green pants. 

    Makeup/Hair: Hair down. 


  8. 8. Cowgirl

    What to Buy: Cowboy hat and a bandana. 

    What to Wear: Flannel and jean shorts. 

    Makeup/Hair: Braids and fake freckles. 

  9. 9. Regina George

    What to Buy: Pink Notebook. 

    What to Wear: White tank top with holes, black mini-skirt, and a purple bra.

    Makeup/Hair: Soft glam with hair down. 

  10. 10. Clueless

    What to Buy: Nothing. 

    What to Wear: Plaid skirt and coat set. 

    Makeup/Hair: Soft glam and natural waves. 

  11. 11. Pirate

    What to Buy: Eyepatch and a bandana. 

    What to Wear: White top and black leather bottoms. 

    Makeup/Hair: Red lips. 

  12. 12. Devil/Angel

    What to Buy: Devil ears and tail or an angel halo and wings. 

    What to Wear: All red or all white. 

    Makeup/Hair: Red lip or sparkly eye look. 

  13. 13. Boxer

    What to Buy: Robe and boxing gloves. 

    What to Wear: Sports bra and spandex. 

    Makeup/Hair: Dutch braids and a fake black eye. 

  14. 14. Fanta Girl

    What to Buy: Fanta bottle. 

    What to Wear: Orange anything. 

    Makeup/Hair: Cute orange look. 

  15. 15. Purge

    What to Buy: Purge mask, and fake blood. 

    What to Wear: Black anything. 

    Makeup/Hair: Anything. 

Happy Halloweeking!